Earth is part of a series of global change?

Strange things began to happen in the world. The Earth began to crack, crawl. Awesome power of earthquakes, one after another taking place in different parts of the planet, causing massive tsunami waves that complete the catastrophe terrible consequences to thousands of human lives. It became apparent that the land began active tectonic activity. Megazemletryaseniya in Indonesia, Chile, Japan, not to mention the numerous earthquakes of medium strength-to podtverzhdenie. Now expect the worst earthquake in California. And landslides, cracks in the ground, strange deep craters, and even an underground fire suggests that the tectonic shifts in the amount of climate change — global warming, create anomalies of planetary scale. Perhaps we are witnessing a new geological changes with change in topography, shape of the continents, the advent of the seas.
About three years ago in a small village in Nueva Felicidad Villa Rivero at Cochabamba (Bolivia) in place with spring water, which is then suddenly dried up, cracks began to appear in the ground. In November last year, cracks have suddenly started to smoke, the fire began to appear from the ground. Strange phenomenon frightened residents. Underground fire spread very quickly, got to houses to crops in the fields. The fire lasted for about a month. Suggest that lit the ancient peat deposits underground. In March this year, something that was small cracks turned into deep and wide emptiness, depth up to 8 meters. Local residents heard that at a depth of rushing water. The earth opened in the area Wantuyu, the same region. The crack length of approximately 1 kilometer structure damaged nearby buildings, revealed as a knife blade asphalt road crater in the fields.

In late February of this year in the south of Peru, almost flat surface of the valley, suddenly burst like a covered fabrics and sold at about 100 meters, scattered far away huge chunks of soil. In an instant the crack, extending zigzag 3 km. Seismic zone is not considered and no earthquakes have been recorded.
At the same time, on February 27 in La Paz (Bolivia) went megaopolzen. Heavy rains caused the collapse of the hillside, damaged thousands of homes more affected believe 4000 of 7 zones (district Kalyapa bush and 2). Despite significant economic damage and loss of property of people, no one was hurt. Residents evacuate Art Ali hill on Saturday night, when the slope just started to crumble. On Sunday night, he finally collapsed. Picture vanishing land, destruction of an entire mountain daunted: the road surface suddenly turned into a lot of asphalt puzzles that have driven each other in a chaotic mess, messed around: from the land of debris sticking out of buildings, broken furniture, twisted avtobmobili. The whole area has disappeared from the map of La Paz.
Time to evacuate residents of a small town in Colombia, Gramalot. This city with a population of 8000 inhabitants located in the northern Colombian province of Santander. Since December 2010 the city began to move (literally), crumble to pieces. Residents called for help when they feel the tidal movement of the soil. Within minutes, the building began to crack and fall. Electrical wires also fell. The first was destroyed by sector Barrio Santa Anita. And in less than 24 hours almost all of the infrastructure in the city was destroyed, and the inhabitants were able to bring home a couple of things. Many foreign media reported that the city slips due to heavy rains in the area. However, Colombian scientists have come to the conclusion that the land under the city experienced shifts from non-specific processes.
June 1, 2010 in the northern part of Guatemala City formed a giant hole that swallowed up a space larger than the area of the junction. Residents reported that the three-storey building and a house fell into the hole. This is the second case, the first crater near the place suddenly appeared Feb. 23, 2007. Such incidents are seen not only in South America. On almost every continent in recent years, the cases with the appearance of cracks, strange craters, land subsidence. The most important event happened in Africa in Ethiopia in the year of 2005, when there discovered a crack length of 50 km and a width of 7 meters Scientists had already started talking about the split of the whole continent. During all this time the crack stretched to 600 km. On this site will soon be the new rage sea. The only thing that is currently holding back the offensive of the Red Sea in the desert, this is the low hills dvadtsatipyatimetrovye high. In our time an event occurs on a planetary scale in an accelerated time. We see real movement of tectonic plates.
If you add an event to all the increased volcanic activity, earthquakes, we can feel that the earth is alive, she shuddered, arched, stiffened and began to burst at the seams, the weak spots in the crust shell. Geological formations began to occur in a systematic and widespread. We are entering a cycle of global change.

Natalia Vinokurova

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