East-Siberian Railway Children: photo

Children's Railway in Irkutsk — brainchild of the East-Siberian Railway. Her story begins back in 1939. Then, at the initiative of the Young Communists of Irkutsk, the project VSZHD forces activists railway hub and the Irkutsk Heavy Machinery Plant workers had made a real railroad.  The project Irkutsk children railway in the suburbs working was carried out in 1937. The road construction was carried out by the national building, which was attended by the Irkutsk railway hub, scouts and youth of the city. The work lasted two and a half years. Regular traffic on the road was opened November 8, 1939.

At the ends of the two-kilometer line DSB were solar station and Pioneer. There were two train stations and a full set of track infrastructure. Rolling stock was then presented with three home-made passenger cars and two locomotives of old.

During the Great Patriotic War, the children's railway was closed. Steam locomotives passed on heavy engineering plant named after Kuibyshev, young railway workers were employed in the railway department of the plant, and the graduates went to the front, many of them never returned from the war …

After the war, the road began to run again in 1947. After the war, the road constantly modernized, updated rolling stock, there were suggestions of prerenose it closer to the center of the city.

In 1962, around the children's railway construction of residential areas, the branch was shortened. Up until 1992, the children's railway route length of 920 meters was held between the fences, garages and dumps debris.

In 1987, construction began on a modern DSB, this time it placed in the center of Irkutsk on the Island of Youth and Horse. August 2, 1992 the road was opened, it is in terms of a loop length of 3200 meters. In early 2000, the road was again under threat of closure — the construction of a new bridge across the Angara exciting part of its territory. After the intervention of non-governmental organizations and the media project subcorrected for passing of trains under the bridge made a small tunnel.

In the 2002-03 academic building opened and the train station.

At Irkutsk children railway largest among Russian DSB complex administrative and academic buildings, it surpasses in size, for example, the management of the "big" Sakhalin Railway.

At school, young railwaymen involved about a thousand kids. At the end of four years of training they receive specialty shift supervisor, and his command are already 70 children. They know how to organize work, to place employees on jobs, monitor the implementation of safety measures. Irkutsk children railway — one of the best in all of Russia. Young railwaymen are engaged throughout the year: fall, winter, spring — the training period, and the summer — time, the practical application of acquired knowledge. Pupils are responsible for their work, not forgetting about work. When the road work art studio, a music ensemble, studio modeling.

Railway station

The ground floor houses a waiting room and ticket office, on the second museum, there is an observation deck on the tower, but it is closed.

On the academic building is connected to the transition station

Platform and depot

New rolling stock, the domestic production

Before the flight engine run-in without cars

In the way

Part of the way through a forest

A portion of the open area

Beauty Bridge

On the eastern edge of the Horse Island offers a great view on the Angara River and the hydroelectric dam

In a short but turbulent stream of the new building right bank

Pravoberezhnye isolation and television center. All stormwater runoff from the bridge and interchanges comes to the treatment plant (green building) and then discharged into the Angara.

Following the departing train

The bridge between the islands and the Horse Youth

On the banks of the ducts forget that you are in the islands. The islands have a huge tourist and recreational potential, now it is almost never used. In the territory, without prejudice to the forest park, can fit into a small town, but I would like here to build a zoo, an amusement park, hotels, etc.

In the station the exposition "History Museum of East-Siberian Railway." Its main fund is in the museum section Port Baikal, and large exhibits here.

Hand pump on wheels and horse-drawn

Firebox locomotive EF-182

Next Civil War. In 1920, the retreating White Army blew up five bridges. Fragment of the bridge over the r.Iya was raised from the seabed in 2010.

Steam Locomotive Series A, 1955.

Tamping machine

At 500 meters from the DSB, in the 130 block of children's technical center is located creativity DSB.

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