Ebeko volcano threw steam gas clouds at a height of 700 meters

Ebeko active volcano, located seven kilometers from the North Island Kurilsk Paramushir Kurils, on Wednesday made a release to the air steam and gas clouds vysotu700 meters, the press service of the regional GUMCHS.

"Displacement Loop is in the north-east. Smell of hydrogen sulfide in the North-Kurilsk not felt. Threats to the population there," — said in a statement.

It was reported earlier that the emissions of the volcano were reported on Saturday-Monday. Togdavysota steam and gas clouds reached 350 meters.

Observations show that during periods of increased volcanic activity increases dramatically the risk of poisoning by toxic gases — both on the volcano, and in North-Kurilsk. Volcanologists urged residents of the North-Kurilsk use protective — masks for respiratory protection, filters for water purification.

Fumarolic activity of the volcano Ebeko unexpectedly increased 27 January 2005, which was one of the hallmarks of a future eruption. In the first three months of activation volcanologists carried instrumental measurement of hydrogen sulfide in the atmosphere of the city, and from 27 to 30 January 2005 had the highest level of the maximum permissible concentration of harmful gas of 256. Subsequently, such high levels of pollution were observed.

During the period of observation Ebeko two known eruptions with a great amount of sulfur emissions (1859 and 1934), which caused mass poisoning of people and destruction of animals.

Ebeko height — 1.156 thousand meters. The volcano has three craters with a diameter of 350 meters each. The island Paramushir are 23 volcanoes, six of them — Ebeko, Chikurachki, Fuss, Tatarinov, Karpinski and Krasheninnikov — acting. Krasheninnikov volcano is located 12 kilometers from the North-Kurilsk rest — 60-90 kilometers.

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