Ekaterinburg hit a tropical downpour and storm

Ekaterinburg was a tropical downpour, "flavored" squally winds. As the correspondent «URA.Ru», rain was a wall, and the wind was so strong that the people from the hands pulled out umbrellas, trees were swaying from side to side, and it looked and look to cut off the power lines or fall on parked cars. All natural processes accompanied by thunder and lightning.

Because of the heavy rain turned the streets into rivers.

Meanwhile, the possible showers and storms this week, forecasters warned of Sverdlovsk Hydrometeorological and Emergency Situations Ministry. These phenomena are due to the arrival in the region of unusual cyclone that instead of having to move, as traditionally happens froze and filled with new frontal zones. According to weather forecast, cloudy and rainy weather will continue in the Middle Urals until early next week, when a cyclone will gradually leave the area.

Eugene Markin, © News Service «URA.Ru»

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