Elchin Khalilov: forecast the earthquake in Japan was given on March 9

Statement GNFE: forecast the earthquake in Japan was introduced on March 9.

Chairman of the International Committee on Global Change subsurface GEOCHANGE, Professor Elchin Khalilov, the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes GNEF posted a forecast of strong earthquake in Japan on March 9.

Weather was placed on the map of weather website network and its got all the countries that are part of GNFE as full members. Prognosis was given a 90% chance with the center point of the expected earthquake in o.Honsyu.

Weather forecasts for major earthquakes in Japan provided repeatedly, starting in August 2009, and all of them have been confirmed.

Beginning March 7, the strong gravitational anomaly was consistently recorded by all stations earthquake prediction ATROPATENA, Azerbaijani scientist invented Elchin Khalilov: Indonesia (Yogyakarta) and in Pakistan (Islamabad), Azerbaijan (Baku), Turkey (Istanbul). Serial registration of three-dimensional gravity anomalies all stations on the Web GNFE possible to calculate with precision the location of the epicenter of a major earthquake in the projected area of the island of Honshu.

March 11, 2011 near the island of Honshu was one of the strongest earthquakes in recorded history with a magnitude of 8.9. The earthquake has generated 10-meter tsunami.

The earthquake is accompanied by numerous, strong enough and aftershocks by now, after the main shock occurred more than 25 aftershocks with a magnitude of 6 and hundreds of weaker aftershocks.

The number of victims of the earthquake and tsunami could reach tens of thousands, and caused damage to tens of billions of dollars.

According to NASA, the earthquake led to the deformation of the Earth's shape, uneven change in its radius and, consequently, to a change in its angular velocity, displacement of the Earth's axis and change the duration of the day. Earlier, similar global changes of geophysical parameters of the Earth, have been fixed after a catastrophic earthquake in Chile with a magnitude of 8.8, on February 27, 2010, from which gravity anomaly was registered Indonesian station ATROPATENA 18-22 February 2010, ie for 5-9 days prior to the push.

The Global Network GNFE, implement technological breakthrough in the short-term prediction of earthquakes, has decided to expand the scope of activities in order to reduce casualties during strong earthquakes, the number and strength of which will continue to grow exponentially in the next five years. Sent to the appropriate treatment at the UN, EU structures and the head of state.

International Scientific Information Agency WOSCO

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