Electric shock — and you almost Perelman


Scientists have experimentally proved that electrical stimulation of the brain multiplies the mathematical ability.

Dr. Roy Kadosh (Dr Roi Cohen Kadosh), neuroscientist Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford (Oxford University's department of experimental psychology) began experimenting three years ago.

And even then through electrodes worn on the heads of 15 student volunteers showed: hitting a weak electric current leads to the fact that the volunteers begin to quickly and accurately perform arithmetic operations in mind.

The effect of electrical stimulation lasts about six months. Then, to wise up, must again be put to a DC power source

In the current experiments have involved 50 volunteers. Half of them five days stimulated by electricity, while they were trained. About 20 minutes during the 45-minute lesson. The other half of cheating — applied a light electric shock, and then immediately turned off the electricity.

After stimulation — real and false — the volunteers decided not arithmetic, and much more complex mathematical problems.

Result: stimulated current assimilate new knowledge to 5 times faster than their counterparts nenaelektrilizovannye. A problem solved by 30 flown faster and more accurately. Moreover, the amazing effect lasted about six months.

Kadosh believes he has found a way that allows a healthy way to make a person much more capable — at least in the field of mathematics. Someone, perhaps, after the electric shock to the head at all turns into a genius. And how Perelman prove some tricky theorem.

However, the experimenters did not initially target their research on ordinary people — wanted to help the "flawed", for example, suffered from a stroke. Or those who by nature are not good at math. There, according to statistics, one in five.

The scientists presented their findings in the journal Current Biology. And confessed that they can not yet explain them. Perhaps just electrostimulation improves supply the brain with blood or nutrients. Perhaps the mechanism is much more complicated.

Later Kadosh and his colleagues wanted to find out whether we can help to strengthen the current and other abilities by stimulating the relevant parts of the brain? Suddenly, wearing electrodes, the people become virtuoso musicians. Or outstanding artists. Or in brilliant players. Or even the players who get the goal.

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