Enable Talk — furore Ukrainian students at the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012!

The incredible pride swept over me. when I read an article about the Ukrainian team of students QuadSquad), Which at the annual international competition Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 presented the project Enable Talk and, moreover, were among the finalists! The purpose of the project — the creation of gloves that will translate sign language to communicate that people are not able to talk to ordinary speech. And the most important thing — to get zhezh. But not fools !

Participants created unique QuadSquad gloves that convert sign language into speech. It is possible that in the future will help the development of a deaf-mute to communicate with others.

Enable Talk prototype comprises a microcontroller 15 of flexible sensors for determining the position of the phalanges and accelerometer and gyro compass for tracking the movement of gloves in space. Power is provided by lithium-ion battery and the auxiliary solar cell. There is a USB-port for charging and syncing with your computer.

In the current version of the gloves can be connected over a wireless connection to Bluetooth-devices based on Windows Mobile. Data on the position of the hands and fingers of the user are first converted into text, and then through the text-to-speech — to vote.

The current version of the cost of the hardware components Enable Talk is 50-75 dollars. In the case of mass production cost can be reduced gloves.

Watch Creating Enable Talk

Watch Testing Enable Talk



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