Epistle Kirael from October 2.

As you will undoubtedly notice the anxiety among the world's population grows. People are no longer willing to suffer the atrocities bankers who caused the introduction of stringent austerity measures in affected countries. Government forces are afraid of people, and they know that if people insist, they will be forced to find another solution to the problems. In the end, debt forgiveness is the best solution, but you'll have to wait and see whether this idea is accepted. You people deliberately kept in poverty because of the intent of the Illuminati to make you dependent on them. In this way they were able to dictate to you how to pass your life.

So, the game is still going on muscles, but the balance is tilting in favor of people who have awakened to how they were misled by allowing the dark forces (the Illuminati and their henchmen) to manage their lives. As an independent being (soul — Creation of the Gods), you had to have a much better way of life, and your governments had more than enough money to do it. Rich and powerful people delay your development to maintain their position in society. When wealth is redistributed, you will see that the world was enough just to give you to enjoy life. Changes that will cause a return to abundance, ready and at the right time will occur in your life. We of the Galactic Federation of Light will take part in it, and plans have already been prepared for this.

Like you, we expect to achieve significant progress so that we can pass on to our obligations to you, in doing so, that the path to Ascension will soon open. Of course, with the rapid approach of the end times we very much want to be able to come to earth as our technology will raise funds due to a more efficient level. After that, we can turn to the world that hears what we want to report on a variety of languages. Generally speaking, we need to make sure that everyone knows about the Ascension, and will have the opportunity to participate. Of course, some did not show much interest, but at least they can not say they did not know about it.

We see how the distance between the Earth by those who seek the light, and those who still held the lower energies, is growing. But awakening is slowly spreading, and many of the soul (personality) realize its great potential for making changes in their lives for the better. Disbelief in God does not necessarily give people ascend, because many of them in the shower (Person) are very kind and decent people. What is important is what you are inside (on the level of feelings = energy), but we always come back to the need to treat others the way to him. We will constantly remind you that you are a single entity (with an impact on each other), and if you accept it, you'll go to the light because of his love for all beings. It's not hard to rise up, and with it you will know the greater consciousness.

Not for a moment doubt that you are a mighty souls, and not to impose restrictions on your ability to achieve a higher level of existence. You have the potential to be what you want, but you have to work for it to be successful. You are not without reason called the Gods, and many of you are the master (mentors, teachers). In the near future you will find his true identity and find that a lot of what they learned from the experience of duality. You will go on to get a new experience, but in the higher dimensions are much smaller than the speed of evolution. Generally, you will not encounter the difficulties every day, as you have now, and you will have no possibility of such rapid growth.

After such a long time in the lower vibrations you will enjoy the change to go into peace dimension, where you can relax and have fun. There are many more levels to which you can develop, and each of them has all the higher vibrations and light. In the end, you will go beyond the need to take the form, as you know, but you can find it, if circumstances so require. You do not immediately get all the benefits together, but you will quickly gain new advantages that will replace what you leave behind. Routine and troubles of life in the third dimension will no longer exist, and all life will be a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Keep a positive look at things, even if you suffer from an illness or disability, because it will not annoy you too long. Your body is changing, and your vibration will soon be strong enough to carry out a full update. The thought of owning a perfect body shape that will help, because you get exactly what you want to focus on. Therefore, we encourage you to focus on the light, and not on what is referred to the lower energies. Do not doubt your abilities, because you can do only one thought. Of course, collectively it is enhanced many times and carries you forward to Ascension. In addition, it increases the light, which comes to you from many sources, both on Earth and beyond.

We are constantly informed you that, being highly developed beings, Barack Obama is doomed to win the presidential election. Now you can see that his position looks strong, and that means that we can wait for them to end to begin disclosure. It will bring with it the beginning of many great changes, and you'll finally see the downfall of the Dark Forces (the Illuminati and their henchmen). They live out their last days, and already had to leave some time ago, but are still trying to deny the obvious fact that the Light has won. This is not conducive to apathy of people who do not see their freedom has been taken away from them.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I tell you that we (Galactic Federation) continued to remove the dark forces (the Illuminati and their henchmen), who used a database on your Earth for a very long time. They are not allowed to stay here any longer, and have no place in the process of ascension. So far, their existence has been heritage extending deep into a few thousand years ago, and proof of this is still in your recorded history. As many of you know, recently Gray was allowed to live on Earth by agreement with the U.S. government, but they also have to go.

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