Epistle Miraelya 30. 09. 2012

BALANCE materially and spiritually.

"At the moment now we'll talk about the multidimensional integration (association) of the material and the spiritual.

What is often meant by spirituality? Religious or ideological beliefs, the search itself, a practice of meditation and more similar.

What do you think most financially? Everything around you in monetary and substantively equivalent.

Favorite Friends, material and spiritual — are one. Level of material and spiritual identity as a function of vibration and is present in a particular dimension. "

I will explain this statement a bit:

All the material and spiritual worlds are created from the energy of different densities (different vibrations). In each measurement will have a degree to the spiritual: the higher the measurement, the more it manifested the spiritual plane and its inhabitants and details.

For example, the energy vibration of some of us are now at the level of the 4th Dimension, which allows such people to the firm conviction that the spiritual world (God, the soul, the spiritual energy, etc.) exist, but they did not perceive (do not see, do not hear) this most spiritual world.

Starting from the fifth dimension, we can take some of the manifestations of the spiritual world is as real as the physical world around us. We will see, hear, feel: energy around us, the Spirits of Nature — elementals, goblins, the aura of living beings and objects, the true face of other creatures, their soul — angels and archangels. We will see the ships of the Galactic Federation, the Ascended Masters, the City of Light, and other creations of Souls.

From 9 to 12 Measurement of the gods dwell. Turning to those dimensions, we can see how the gods themselves and their creations in the worlds. While in the 13th Dimension, creator of the universe we see and their world.

Thus, the higher the dimension in which we live, the greater the manifestation of the spiritual world of all existing varieties, we can perceive in their "normal state."

Continuing on the message:

"Spirituality — a world of feelings, desires, visualization, intentions, dreams and images. This World unmanifested, unseen.

Materiality — a world reflected and expression of feelings, emotions, desires, intentions, ideas, purposes, etc.

These are two interdependent and mutually reinforcing World.

Your understanding of the material and spirituality depends on your level of awareness, how disclosed your heart (soul), how your inner child, your Higher Self (Soul), is in harmony with your mind, with your outlook, with the Vision Your Way Destiny Soul.

But the experiment of duality on Gaia (Earth) shared a single entity — the material and spiritual — on two separate and independent parts. There are fanatics and atheists, materialists and ascetics, "esoteric" and the so-called "ordinary people."

Karma (cause and effect) — Your teacher and the guide — the beginning of the harmonization process in you two important beginning. In a fairly active life you learned the value of the material world. In another — you rapidly mastered Wisdom Spiritual Path.

And, already embodied in the Age of the New Era (transitions), you are ready to start quite deliberately Integration (association) of the material and spiritual, which is the basis for a harmonious Genesis, Development of body and soul.

We now give a fairly simple examples of how the karmic laws to help one or another soul to realize how important these two elements of the universe. In these metaphors affect codes for making these two energies in your inner world.

So imagine the following picture. There is a woman who has a significant energy "imbalance" in the direction of Materiality: She is afraid of poverty and believes that a decent man — a man with money, resources. And that is enough for her. And it means that matter (the material world reality) Women do not provide a stream of Over — The spiritual energy of love.

The adoption of the material — it is accepted Earth, planetary energy, upstream. Adoption of Spirituality — Acceptance is Universal Energy, downstream. For a harmonious personality both are equally important and Flow appropriate.

So, this woman married a man, financially secure, with which it vibrates at identical heights. In such a union between a woman awaits lesson. We consider one of the lessons drawn from the space of variations. Karmic is attracted to women partners with material things, but having not "random" problem with the ego (the misconceptions about morality, violence, disrespect of women, children, nature, spirituality and failure, etc.). And the woman on the experience itself, this lesson says this: "Money can not buy happiness."

We give another metaphor.

A woman believes that spirituality — is the path. It is under the spiritual understanding of the following: the desire of wealth — the "sinful" in essence, to distinguish themselves from the World of Plenty.

Such a woman can pull vibration Man, fanatical that provides a family need only essential items, that prayer, penance and meditation — it is a condition for the harmonious being. He does not pay attention to the children, or severe enough to Them, wishing them to instill respect for his fanatical beliefs. And even if such a man wishes to make — He will not succeed, because he belongs to the world of matter with prejudice. And the woman that hath this lesson begins to realize: "Not in a spiritual happiness."

Happiness — a harmony of Matter and Spirit, is the total received energy high vibration with love and gratitude.

So, the woman pulls into his life of this man, which reflects her inner world. The same goes for men.

Superiority in the material — is disharmony, loss of energy of the spiritual support.

Superiority in the spiritual quest — is disharmony, loss of support of Gaia (Earth), Earth Energy Materialization Intent.

If a woman is aware of these metaphors in a lesson, it will be an inspiration to improve his men.

A man needs a strong energy stimulus for change. Often, they become soul of the woman. Then Karmic Partnership transformed into the Union of kindred spirits. This potential is always there.

So, dear friends, that women bear great responsibility for the revival of spirituality, harmonious spiritual, where Spirit and Matter are merged to form a balance.

This concludes our message. With love and boundless reverence for you, friends!

Always with you, Mirael, master of his powers.

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