EuroNest Belarusian delegation will meet with no

Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament political factions agreed to convene the first meeting of Euronest without the Belarusian delegation.

This solution adopted February 10 unanimously. Euronest meeting will be held without the representatives of civil society and Parliament of Belarus. Euronest meeting may be held in March.

"I hope this is only a transient state, not a final decision. Parliamentarians from Belarus are welcome, but only when free elections recognized the world, will become a reality. We need to see where the democratic process ", — said chairman Evraparlementa Jerzy Buzek, sends PAP.

Previously it was assumed that the work of the Parliamentary Assembly of the EU "Eastern Partnership" (Euronest) will be attended by 60 MEPs and 10 representatives (mostly MPs) from Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Belarus.

Against Belarus considered various options: invitation only opposition or opposition, and five representatives of the parliament. However, these ideas were not supported by any official Minsk, nor a number of countries — the EU's neighbors. In this regard, the meeting adjourned Euronest.

On Buzek, at the same time The European Parliament is mindful of the Belarusian opposition and will continue to support Belarusian civil society.


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