Evening Novosibirsk

Seen from the height of the evening Novosibirsk, unfortunately, very few can. Occasionally carries passengers to aircraft that was landing in Tolmachevo over the city. But it was in the twilight stunning and spectacular views of Novosibirsk, he truly transformed and becomes to itself incoherent.  

Red Avenue — the main street of Novosibirsk

Lenin Street

The city is divided into two banks of the river Ob


Now connect the two shores of Novosibirsk road bridges (one under construction), metro bridge, two railway dam and hydroelectric power station Novosibirsk

Railway station "Novosibirsk-Main"

Only 120 years ago, there was nothing!

Left bank

October area

Prospect Dimitrov

Metro station "River Station"

Marx Prospect

Square Marx

Is the "center" left bank of the Novosibirsk

The area is a major transportation hub of Novosibirsk.
Here is the final station of the Lenin Novosibirsk subway line — "Area of Marx."

Each day, the area is visited by Marx 120 thousand people.

Zatulinsky zhilmassiv

In the common people, "Zatulinka"

It is the largest district of Novosibirsk.
Its population is more than 100 thousand people

Gori district

Southwest zhilmassiv

District Pedagogical University ("Ped")
Street Elective

The settlement Krasnoobsk (Agricultural Sciences)

The Soviet highway
A new transport interchange-ramp to VASKHNILu

Streets Nemirovich-Danchenko and SIB-Guardsmen

District "Red Hill"

Railway area
Street Vladimirovskaya

Central district. Zhukovsky Street
Zhukovsky Street

The sixth district

The crew of "eight"

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