Expected strong ground for a half century, the magnetic storm

Expected strong ground for a half century, the magnetic storm

British scientists have warned that in the next year and a half of land can expect a strong one and a half centuries magnetic storm.

As the learned, as a result of large-scale solar flares can be damaged by the life support system of Great Britain, including power lines and a variety of electronic equipment.

Business News Agency said that authorities are already doing to develop specific plans that include disabling the power supply in case of collapse of the strong magnetic storms. Such measures, according to the plans by the United Kingdom, should reduce the harm caused by abnormalities.

ITAR-TASS said that now experts say the extreme solar activity, which is expected to peak in the next year. It is reported that in connection with the upcoming magnetic storm on the consequences can be worse than the one that led to blackouts in the Canadian province of Quebec, who left in 1989 without electricity for about six million people.

"Pravda.ru" recalls that the magnetic storm is caused by the flow of solar plasma — charged particles ejected by the sun. The last major disturbance lights, led to such anomalies were recorded at the end of last May.

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