Experts predict major natural disasters for 5 years

Natural disasters on Earth will occur every 5 yearsThe Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said, than global warming threatens humanity.

According to a brief summary report of the scientists, the full version of which will be presented in two weeks at the conference in Uganda, in the near future civilization will be faced with the devastating rains and severe drought.

If now the disastrous rainstorms occur every 20 years, by the end of the century they will occur every five years.

The drought is certain it is not established what their scale. Anyway, climatic shock will be so strong that many regions will simply uninhabitable, and after weather events inevitable social explosion.

Commenting on the results of their study, the researchers observed that focused not on the gradual shift in global temperature, and the brightest manifestations of natural anomalies, which, because of their destructive effects caused a wide resonance in the media.

"Such PE much better show how the changed climatic conditions and what to expect in the future," — explained Gerry Mill, senior scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Say which parts of which will be the first from the effects of climate collapse, experts of the Intergovernmental Panel categorically refuse as long as the report was presented to the entire conference.

But before their colleagues from Stanford University issued a warning, stating that climate change will affect the middle latitudes — Europe, China and North America.

In tropical Africa, Asia and South America, the summer temperatures start to go off-scale in 20 years.

Combating global warming and its consequences — the subject of debate scientists. Offers a variety of ways, up to the truly exotic.

For example, experts in the field of engineering geology offer to protect the Earth from global warming with giant mirrors that reflect light back into space. It is proposed to place on orbiting satellites.

But the most unusual method offered by specialists from the University of Oxford. According to them, you can cool the Earth by artificial volcano.

As planned by the researchers, the device is in the form of a giant ball the size of a stadium with a hose length of over 20 km will be sprayed tons of chemicals in the stratosphere. Sulfate droplets and aerosol particles reflect solar energy back into space, preventing it from heating the Earth.

In this case, operation is based on the principle of a volcano eruption which, according to the latest data, the influence on the decline in global temperature.

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