Extreme Explosions 1 season. 7 issues to watch

Extreme Explosions 1 season.  7 issues to watch
Braden Lusk and Paul pile — special on explosions, received a special backstage pass large and complex explosions in the world. They meet with a team of experienced demolitions that could undermine not only the skyscrapers, and huge stadiums, railway bridges. Our experts using special cameras and high-speed technology to give you a unique opportunity to behold, as experts at the touch of a button on explosions destroy large buildings. The program "Extreme Explosions" will allow you to get acquainted with the spectacular work of experts on explosions. Are all the explosions will be successful?

1 series (Liverpool)

2 series (Coral Gables)

3 series (Glasgow)

4 series (Bermuda)

5 series (Foksberg)

6 series (Louisville, KY)

7 series (Fort William, Scotland)

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