Four major anomalies in October 2011 on the planet

Photo: paranormal-world.orgLast October brought several large anomalies, including experts of the National Weather Service United States (NOAA) are four main things. In the UK in October was the warmest since 2006, and 8th in the last 100 years. The average temperature of the month to 2,0 ° above the norm (1971-2000). In some parts of Argentina, on the contrary, it was the coldest October in half a century. In Spain last month was the driest since 1998, the average rainfall of 47 mm — about 35% of normal. The same problem facing France. During the past period of autumn in the north and west of the country fell to 40% long-term average. While in the southeast there is an excess of autumn rainfall, and in early November and did had a "deluge".

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