Fox News — Americas UFO filled the sky

So in the TV campaign Fox News came a man who did not want to introduce myself and gave journalists a digital video recording with the comments that it captures the many different types of UFOs, which flooded the sky over Denver and that UFOs do not appear periodically and conduct daily monitoring of the our heads, but people can not see them, because they are moving too fast for our eyes.

Watch Fox News — America's UFO filled the sky

Experts slowed down the playback speed and were able to see the objects referred to by a mysterious visitor. Aviation expert, seeing record acknowledged its authenticity and the fact that the objects in the video can not be associated with human technology. Too fast they are moving at incredible trajectories and incredibly sharp and fast changing the direction of flight, and sometimes their shape.

Nothing like a modern human technology simply can not. Fox News called on citizens to shoot sky, slow down the video and if it detects a UFO send video.

Apparently a new era in the study of UFOs and disclosure of coming closer and closer … Who was this man on the records of which different types of UFOs filmed in high resolution and filmed all this is clearly not one month.

Why now this mysterious man who wished that his name would be called or even showed his face in the report, came and brought the news on television. A lot of why, but taking everything to do with UFOs over the last year, it's safe to say that everything is going on well-defined plan. The information is given in doses and exactly on time.

And believe me — these UFOs flooded the sky, not only over Denver. If you want to see them, just take a camera on a tripod mount and remove the sky. Then in any video editor, slow play and learn what's going on over your head.



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