Free Kryčaŭ adequately pass through this political and cooling …

Cast iron society Lenin in the center wore traditionally planted by hand to the Orthodox Church of the Resurrection of the Lord. However, according to the latter, the third World Economic Forum, I entered the "best business city in Belarus with a population of 50,000 people." And after the last presidential election met other Krichevtsov. In the hotel room we went with my good friend, the editor of a popular independent newspaper here Sergei Irregularities. Apparently recognizing him, a few minutes later knocked at the door, middle-aged woman. Before the crisis, Ludmila was an individual entrepreneur, now — the maid at the hotel. We listened to her, knowing that this is — soul cry.

Ludmila"All my friends, my friends — no one voted for Lukashenko. How so you could walk? "

Reporter"Luda than you in a particular Krychau life prevents Lukashenko?"

Ludmila"Because there is no salary — just to give a" minibus "and black bread. I had 330 added — 350. Also — there is no truth in any newspaper, on TV. We all smooth-good. The newspaper portrait — smiling, look disgusting — our mayor Prokop, a relative of Batura. All mated, steal more. Pazoryshcha — as the son of Lukashenko on television sitting on a gold reserve, as on his own. People work in Moscow, 50%, because there is no earnings. Retirees also his clothes did not even buy me a mother helps with pensions. Apartments are not available to buy. My daughter was at a meeting of the executive committee — one-room apartment 156 million and 50 million immediately to make — where to get them? The man spoke — "said that there is preferential loans." What he said — "rethink your image!" He sent them and went away. And from Moscow our children, spouses do not come — I fell, then stopped. Young families break up, do not stand this guy and commit suicide. My son died so — I have a son buried in '28. only newspaper that writes the truth — a "free city"! "

"Free City" — one of the country's oldest independent local newspapers. Arose after the referendum in '96 that gave Lukashenko as saying, "the king's powers." I asked Sergei Nerovny:

Reporter"After the presidential election," Free City "is ready for a political cold weather?"

Uneven"" The Free City "in '12, he went through three such companies. In the summer of seized more room, which is still delayed — written on NTV film "The Godfather." The authorities nerves snapped. "Free City" wait and we'll be working. Ready to check in — to enter the market with a professional staff and professional attitude to journalism … "

Reporter"" Free City "is still out, under the law, a circulation of 299 copies. Whatever you do with the attempt, coming on the market? "

Uneven"As a regional newspaper, falls into Cherikov, Klimovichi, Krasnopillia, Kostyukovichi could wipe thousand eight. And in a color, 20-page … "

Reporter"" Free City "for many years following the situation with the restoration of the Potemkin palace, a monument of architecture, in which Catherine II had. 5 years ago you said that was restored so that there will again be a hole, the roof, the walls will flow … "

Uneven"So. Builders few years eliminated these drawbacks, because that made it to the arrival of the governor, to cut the ribbon. There's registered family unions, go sightseeing, but the money that is spent on artificial restoration, did not return … "

Remembering the said puddle in front of the station. Around it in the "Free City" long-term pikiravanne with local vertical newspaper. Sergei looks like a "history of the issue."

Uneven"At the railway area once laid asphalt and did the so-called stormwater. And as soon as the rain, the snow melts, there is a huge puddle that does not allow the bus coming to a stop. We always put a pool in the reproach of power — is it not possible to eliminate it and not to because the guests arrive? But it is all power, "give a damn". The last time more than 500 people signed the statement in the executive committee. Authorities wrote in "Krychau life," it is "cock-game," opposition "spekulyue this puddle", "is making political capital." So you do — and will not "acquire" it! "

I talked to the people in the room and station controllers.

Reporter"You ever seen the puddle, too?"

Mr."We go around — it is bad for the bus to go on board the minibus. Stop moved … "


Mrs."How that sacrifice? When I was on the dry road from the station came with wet boots. I work every day here in two days! (Laughs) All passengers are wrong … "

Again the word of Mr. irregularities.

Uneven, "deputy chairman of the executive committee Lips Vorobyov, first deputy Morozov said last year that will begin and complete the work area will superevrapeyskay. Work began in October, when the rains came. And have not done anything so far — a puddle in the spring will still be … "


Perhaps a radical change in this journey — I did not offer to people, and they asked for the words into the microphone of Radio Liberty. At the station for coffee bufetse met 31-year-old Marina from a rubber factory. She was in despair after the latest earnings.

Maria"In the accounting department went, asked Mark — they said," we do not have time. " What is this? They must be on hand, which shows what and how much. As a result, paid 220,000 per month, 22 working days. And it is difficult to kleytsy shoes, glue breath scores. Nothing we can do … "

Gerda"Today the situation is unfortunate people that get little. In the utilities sector wage cleaners does not exceed 300,000, while in the fleet in the conductors even decreased in agriculture — 300,000 and less … "

The last was an economic commentator "Free City" Nicholas Gerd. This chunky, retirement, Mr. still early in the century found its position nyazlomnasts honest man. In protest, says, "violence against people and the economy," threw the prestigious post of deputy chairman of the executive committee. In addition, he is the chairman of the local Council of Entrepreneurs, which Krichevo more than 1,200 people. Who but he could tell us about the 'best business promotion "in Krichevo! However, to begin with Nicholas introduced me to his friend Volodya entrepreneurs, which has an outlet in the market.


Reporter"Do you think that engage in business in Krichevo perspective — or it is the notorious" padtrymlivanne pants "?"

Vladimir (Laughs): "Basically padtrymlivanne pants to feed the family. Were employees — two. It was therefore not a single point, we have developed and the people were given jobs. One would work to have transparent rules work. As soon as a new year — new rules are more complex and obs
cure — six months before adjusting. Taxes are very overpriced compared to other countries — eat up 30-40%. Half of the profit goes to taxes, transportation, rental location, the delivery of goods, etc. In Russia, the taxes are paid after the business activities carried out — after one quarter in the 2nd. "

Reporter"Or to all market participants equal treatment by the administration?"

Vladimir"Unequally. There are those who enjoy the benefits. Why intensively began to put shutters, and the same firm? Shutters — metal pavilions stationary type. All of these orders are through the administration — they are us "recommend", where to buy … "


Nicholas Gerd"The situation is that a business that thrives today that" tied "with the government. Shouted remarkable in that the bulk of the business — in the trade. This is the only one in the area, and perhaps in the country, the city where the current government led by I.I.Prakopava completely destroyed state trade — "Buggargandlyu" no spazhyvkaaperatsyya went bankrupt, all the stores are sold to private owners. The best places were given to those who are close to power. Here is an example of the development of cable TV. 5-6 year ago under the roof of the executive committee of well-known entrepreneur in Krichevo nicknamed "supets" Isachenko his name, put the cable TV in unfair competition — was squeezed state enterprise "guarantee" … "

I met a businessman, Mr Adam Slyaptsovym who handed the "guarantor" for 50% of the profits of cable equipment. Today, he openly recalls the details of the sensational case.

The blind"We offered the best conditions — for connection of cable TV will be taken three times less money and 16 channels of broadcast, and" supetskampaniya "- 10. 7 houses were covered. And in the long term plan to cover two districts — "Komsomol" and "SOG" with the number of subscribers of about 3 million. And if the "PCMF" saw that they "do not shine", they will not connect, go to the executive committee. Picked up the fur fly. Prokop sent the CEO "on .. th. "He came to me white -" I did not expect that the chairman of the district executive committee … "And" this "was not any documents. So much so, that in the underground communication channels paved their networks — without the permission of the regional communication center . During Soviet times, someone climbed, the KGB's hands would have to jail …. "

With Mr. Gerd turn to the analysis of the economic situation in Krichevo.

Reporter"5 years ago" Krychavtsementashyfer "was to introduce a line of 500 thousand tons of cement per year, and, as you said, the company would get a" good economic passion. "What, really?"

Gerda"The fact that it was planned to have been made. Cement additional went, which is primarily reflected in the development of railway transport, because the station Kryčaŭ goods in Russia and the West, to Orsha, Mogilev. If at the time of the crisis stood plant, generally there was a question about closing lyakamatyvnaga depot. Today on "Krychavtsementashyfery" the highest salary in the region — an average of two million working people 1700-1800. Question the other — the local authority does not fostered. Especially between the plant manager and chairman of the executive committee DUDYKO Prakopau formed an uneasy relationship — Prokop wanted to deliver to from office and put people close to them. Ivan Prokop, you can say, '10 district digs here … "

Reporter"What does this mean?"

Gerda"Today in Krichevo work cement and bakery, and it was 7-8 enterprises. During this time, the city closed creamery, which employed 70-80 people, meat — used to work in 1100. Farm equipment was closed — earlier Krichevtsov rebuilt 7 districts. Now there is no organization that could be as general contractor to "lead" the object … "

Reporter"How did it Mr. Prakopau — the genius of collapse?"

Gerda"A man came with the expectation to make a quick career, went registry. Corruption — a component of the current administrative-command system. No officials can not be at every step — all their "solution." This system came to a standstill. Authoritarian government should either withdraw from direct intervention in the economy, the military command in private business, or be swept … "


During the trip, could not meet with "a walking political phenomenon" Krychau, 72-year-old Mr. Vladimir Kudryavtsev. He is a member of the Popular Front from the beginning of the existence of the front of the house the editorial office of "Free City" draws a decent garden land. And now his day is written by the minute. Several of them are paid Radio Liberty.

Kudryavtsev"If the" father "dictator committed mayhem on the Plaza, I partially fell mood — heart aches for Belarus, with the fate of the country …"

Reporter"But five years ago, said that" as long as the dictator would not "…"

Kudryavtsev"Oh, promised to live a hundred years and a day! (Laughs.) Yes, I conduct a healthy way of life — do not drink, do not smoke. Overcome! Long live Belarus! "

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