Friazino (Moscow region) create unique lasers

Perhaps one of the most successful examples — the development of the production of fiber lasers in the suburban Friazino. In November 2010, RUSNANO announced that it will invest in the company to $ 50 million. And now the company is a world leader in the production of these devices.

By invisible beam sparks appear and then the letter. This is done by laser marking, which is subject to absolutely any metal surface. Low-power instrument — only 9 watts. About the same used in medicine, during neurosurgery.

"Resource our devices is more than 30 thousand hours, if translated into human figures — more than 6 years of continuous operation — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week", — says the head of the production of low power lasers Sergei Larin.

A strong laser beam (100 W) can be cut parts for automobiles, airplanes and ships, and then weld them together, but in this case the laser must provide no less than 10 kW. With the growth of crystals, manufacture of optical elements, spraying, drawing the fiber, creating many variants of lasers used more than 4,000 of the latest technologies.

"With the advent of fiber lasers was possible to provide a life of up to 90-180 thousand hours. This led to the fact that the lasers were a reliable tool that does not require constant adjustment rigid, opening the enormous possibilities of application of lasers in industry and industrial technologies that we have today, "- said Andrey Ushakov, First Deputy General Director of IPG Photonics Corp.

Devices for all types of produce in one place — the suburban Friazino. Here is "IRE Polus" — A subsidiary of one of the world's largest manufacturers of fiber lasers, IPG Photonics. Founded by Russian physicist Valentin Gapontseva In 1991, the company now controls more than 70% of the world market of fiber lasers. All of the closed production cycle — which means that the plant will create not only all the components necessary for operation of the laser, but will put them in the case.

Diode pumping — heart of gold laser truest sense of the word, a noble need for spraying device longevity. Gold — the only one of all the metals, which does not react with the environment and does not oxidize.

Fiber laser in size almost two times less carbon dioxide laser of the same power. The plant can operate at extreme temperatures and high humidity. Diodes that make Friazino tens of thousands per month, significantly less expensive more durable and better. Inside the box are three golden chip, their radiation is reduced to a single beam. The power of each of the diode — 27 watts.

Director of production, LLC NTO "IRE Polus" Alexander Eremenko says: "These diodes are used in the manufacture of lasers enormous power — is 1 kW, 2 kW."

Andrey Ushakov said: "The most powerful laser that operates continuously on welding in shipbuilding and mechanical engineering — is 30 kW. We do them periodically. This is not isolated, it is replicated samples, and today we can potentially produce laser power up to 100 kW. Can theoretically up to 500 kW. "

From idea instrument to the finished product passes from three to six months. Already, most lasers are fitted with a variety of different power production — from automotive to space. In addition to welding and cutting equipment, laser treatment can be a factor of four to improve the quality of the metal, making hardening — apply refractory metals on the rolls of rolling mills and turbines, which, of course, extends the life of the equipment.

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