Friendly German cemetery


Are at Gomel in Belarus village Oak Log. Does not seem to be remarkable, except for the incident that occurred here in March of 2003. We woke up one night the inhabitants of this village from the shots. Terrified that someone climbed into the cellar, someone in the attic. They thought the war began again. Looked out on the street, and there is indeed crawling soldiers in German uniforms. 

The first skirmish heard a local woman, 60-year-old Maria Evseevna Dobysch, who lived on the outskirts of the village. According to her, the sound could be heard from the Vygonovskoe Lake, located three kilometers from the village. After some time in the window flashed gray shadow. In the light of the street lamp she could see strange people in uniform. Individuals were not visible in the dark, but the helmets on their heads were as if not ours. Startled, Maria Evseevna realized that in her vegetable garden then crawl, then rushes moved the German squad. When one of the shadows rushed to her window, she fainted from fear.

Meanwhile, in another part of the village there were no less spectacular event. Machine operator of the local collective farm Vladimir Jaros, hearing gunshots, reacted quickly in the military — sent his family to the basement, and he grabbed his gun and sat down in the attic. Attic window faced directly into the direction from which gunfire was heard.

The first time, except for flash, the man did not see anything, but when the darkness ran a few figures in the German form, it just froze. Vladimir just could not believe that under his windows real Germans in full uniform with rifles and gas masks on their belts. Judging from the direction of travel, their goal was the building of the village council in the village center.

At the bewildered Jarosz still able to think about what is happening, and, realizing that such a horde one he can not win, he decided to shoot only if the intruders begin to break in the door. But then the shots rang out from the opposite side of the street — it palil on the attackers its neighbor, the best hunter in the village, Mikhail Marinich. Then Jarosz also decided to open fire.

Postrelyav bit, Vladimir realized one oddity — gun shots did not stop the soldiers, and even forced them to turn back. The Germans ran down the street and disappeared into the darkness.

Best of all attackers managed to see 47-year-old Valentina Ivanovna Kozyrev. Intrigued by the firing, she went outside to see what was happening, and a stone's throw away from you saw in the night visitor poluistlevshiye uniform. And when he turned on the poor woman looked creepy grin of a skull with empty eye sockets. View the dead man risen from the grave, was the last straw that broke the nervous shock and Valentina Ivanovna lost consciousness.

The next morning about the incident in the village did not say just lazy. Examining the place of night shooting, and Yarosh Marynitch did not find anything but traces of their shots. On March snow is not strewn with shells, it was not visible fingerprints shoe soles. The impression that the village visited by a horde of ghosts. Especially since they just came from an old German cemetery times more of the First World War. And then it turned out that this incident was already in the area. Twice or three times in 1946 in the village Ring, is not far from Oak Valley's, frequented by aspiring whether the Germans, or taken refuge in the forests of policemen. They came, some shooting, and the next morning one also did not find any traces.

I must say, these stories are not rare. Near the village of Prokhorovka in the Belgorod region, the site of the famous tank battle brothers CHERNIKOVA nose-to-nose encounter with a German tank. According to them, the machine on which they were traveling at night petered out in the open field. Whiling away the time while waiting for reinforcements, they saw the headlights. Deciding that this long-awaited tractor, the brothers rushed to him. And all of a sudden went to meet a real "tiger" with a swastika on board. In the distance loomed the silhouettes of a few tanks. Chernikov decided that filming-so-ever that a film about the war, but then their assumptions crumbled to dust — out of nowhere to fly tanks shells. Part of the "tigers" and remains on the field, the rest retreated. The brothers rushed headlong away from this diabolical place. The following morning as well as to the Oak Logue, they found no burnt German technology nor craters shells.

Not far from St. Petersburg, in 1997, according to the report of one naval officer, a group of sailors faced with strange personalities in uniform Peter times. Several people, shielding from the wind cloaks and hat, walked past them and hid in the doorway of one of the casemates. When fluttered sailors rushed after him, trying to figure out what's going on, time assured them that no one past did not pass.

It is noteworthy that this kind of incident always happens in places of major historical events that took place either with the participation of a large number of people, or charged with strong emotions, often negative! Such visions are seen in areas of major battles, executions and mass disasters. Among the researchers, this phenomenon is called hronomirazh. Really knows what causes it to life, but the images from the past suddenly imposed on the fabric of modern life.

These "overlay" does not always have consequences. By themselves, they are harmless, but imagine if in a place like a highway passes? Then accidents, especially at night when a person is most susceptible to this kind of phenomena that can not be avoided. And indeed, such a meeting is facing a particularly nervous shock sensitive people, as happened to the two female residents of the Oak Valley Johnson, Maria Valentina Dobysch and Kozyrev who then long been treated in the local district hospital.

By the way, as it turned out, the place in 1915-1916 actually took heavy fighting between Russian troops of the 5th Army of the South-Western Front and the 9th Army Imperial Germany.

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