From prison in Akrestsin out the ones who have shown solidarity


February 9 after 10 days of arrest out of prison in Akrestsin youth activists Catherine Ludwig, Palina Kuryanovich and Maxim Vinyarski who were detained during a solidarity rally outside the KGB.

Judged Catherine Ludwig, Palina Kuryanovich and Maxim Vinyarski the next day in the Central district court of Minsk. The process takes place very quickly, they are not even the police interviewed witnesses. The fact that the defendants in the administrative violation did not deny that came to the KGB building with placards that read "Freedom for political prisoners."

Palina Kuryanovich, for example, stated that it was their actions are not out of order, and his right. Pauline asked the court about one thing — not to appoint her arrest and confine fine. Judge Leonid Yasenovich decided otherwise and sent a young woman in Akrestin for 10 days.

Maxim Vinyarski sister Elena was able to get on trial brother, who was a judge Khadanovich. Later, Helen said.

"Apparently there were discrepancies in the testimony, and the case file. For example, in the image is a portrait of Sannikov without inscription, and appears in the portrait Neklyaeva with inscriptions. At this the court said that well, this part was not his fault. But came and stood there, so blame. And everything else, the discussion of police actions, in the court's jurisdiction is not included. "

Immediately after the trial Maxim Vinyarski hunger strike.

Pauline Dyakova in these days aired on Akrestin transfer for his girlfriend Pauline Kurianovich and Catherine Ludwig and Maxim.

"Maybe girls are sitting together — you want to believe it. Transmits. Beverages, newspapers, magazines, books."

Reporter: "We know that Vinyarski after the trial started a hunger strike. What about him? He stopped the hunger strike continues it? '.

"Well, Maxim Vinyarski is — a serious man, probably the last. But no precise data, they simply do not give. We will meet them at 18.20, or even earlier. Indeed, there were times that released earlier to friends and associates not to meet prisoners . "

On January 30, the action of solidarity with the prisoners on December 19 was attended by several dozen residents of Minsk. 7 the man wasand arrested and spent the night on January 31 at the Akrestin. Of these, the courts have been punished 10-day arrest 3 people and another 4 received fines — of 1 million 50 thousand, or 30 basic units.

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