Frosty the record in the Tien Shan

Frosty the record in the Tien ShanThroughout East Asia temperature is much lower than usual in January. In northern China, recorded a temperature record. Temperature dropped nearly 50 degrees.

Mountain in northern part of China — is the coldest region in the country, but such low temperatures, as in the recent days, there has never been. The weather station in the town Bayanbulak where the foothills of the Tian Shan is the beautiful green valley, shows a temperature of 49.6 degrees.

This is an absolute record for this part of China. At the moment, the mountain valley — is the coldest point in Asia. This is because cold air settles in anticyclones and collected at the surface. Temperature at the bottom can be much lower than in the mountains.

But the cold is not only in China. In neighboring Mongolia last night the temperature dropped to 50 degrees. Although usually in January are no cold 40 degrees.

In the Mongolian steppes were colder than Greenland. Even at a polar station summit was a couple of degrees warmer. But in Siberia dramatically warmer. A few hours ago it was 55 degrees below zero, and now to 10 degrees warmer.

Such sudden changes in temperature — it is not unusual for Asia. In the east, Russia in the course of the year the temperature difference can be as high as 100 degrees.

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