Geologists predict Earth nuclear winter

Scientists warn that the Earth is entering a new peak of volcanic activity. The most pessimistic forecasts, hiding the sun behind the clouds of ash in a few years will cause the onset of a new ice age.

According to geophysicists, increase the frequency and intensity of earthquakes is expected in all major seismic systems. Peak will have trouble in 2014-2015, when they can awaken such "peaceful" volcanoes like Mount Fuji Japanese, Indonesian Krakatoa and even European Vesuvius and Etna. Company they will make sure the Nordic and Far volcanoes.

Activation of underground elements entail environmental degradation. As the analysis of volcanic ash from the University of Copenhagen and Iceland, the emissions from the Earth a threat to public health because they contain corrosive salts, easily passing into the environment.

Gloomy forecasts geologists and climatologists support. According to them, the massive emission of volcanic ash into the atmosphere can change the climate, triggering the effect of "nuclear winter" and leading to new mikrolednikovomu period.

Seismic shocks pose not only to natural problems. The history of the recent eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull shows that ash emitted into the atmosphere is a big problem for aviation. Clouds of volcanic products reduce visibility and destroy the turbine aircraft, like sandpaper.

According to a board member of the Flight Safety Foundation Valeria Shelkovnikova, data on volcanic activity over the past June is similar to the front-line reports.

"June 5 Puyeue volcano erupted in Chile, by 8 June the eruption stopped flights to neighboring Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. By 12 June were canceled flights to Australia and New Zealand. 13th eruption of another volcano — Dubbo on the southern coast of the Red Sea. As a result, millions of air passengers were unable to get to their destinations, "- website quoted him as saying the newspaper" Trud ".

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