Google Earth, Maps — A selection of mysterious objects in the world.

Continuing the theme unknown mysterious objects that are scattered throughout our planet, on land and in the oceans. Strange square structure, circles, intricate patterns, all of this can be found using Google Maps, Earth and similar online services.

This item is not included figures of Nazca desert. On them you can Away, and 3D view HERE

Let's begin.

A huge pentagram in Kazakhstan, Kostanai region

Strange squares at the bottom:

Objects in the wilderness.
Strange sign

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Mickey Mouse in the desert:

The breath of the desert in Egypt

Structure Richat.

It seems to be like all agreed that it is a natural phenomenon, but it is believed that the stones at the site have been sanded.
Here's the video, though in English without subtitles. The other is not found.

Strange protected site, which is located just 7 kilometers from the Pyramids of Giza. Of course can be any military facility, such as base defense, but information about it found no where more.

Strange pictures:


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