Great transition. Changes in perception.

Now coming to the planet powerful flow of energy, which is intensified by the day, and will continue to be strengthened by the hour. You feel it for yourself. Your body and your experience tells you that. Many of you have found a short-term health problems. It — headaches, high blood pressure. Your head sometimes buzzes like a transformer, which high voltage is applied. And so it is.

But, more than that, you probably notice their mental and sensory responses. Many appeared irritability, worsened sleep. The main feature — a jump process. That is, the sudden and rapid growth and fairly rapid decay. This attunement is your energy body with the energies of the universe, with the energies of the New World, which is knocking at your door. Do not be afraid. Each pulse is monitored. For each individual is as if individual testing and connection to the streaming perception.

What is the perception of streaming for you? Many of you have already experienced it, and we rely on their feelings and experiences. You will become separated from the spatial perception. That is, as you would clearly define their boundaries, the boundaries of its form of existence in the world, in recent months, many of you have to be part of a larger whole.

Feeling disunity of consciousness, a sense of the existence of the top cover of the situation and time. Someone is certain moments. Who, then it is a constant though still unusual existence.

Of course, your mind resists this. Because he used to identify himself in space and time, and thus clearly remain pseudo independence.

You should not be afraid and watch yourself with calmness. Next to each of you are a myriad of entities that receive a response to your awareness. You have never been alone. Now, do you are not alone.

Every thought you think and every movement of feelings and awareness is manifested in the higher plane LEDs, which you can judge your condition. This does not mean that you are being watched. This is your safety and assistance. Since all in varying degrees are ready for change, respectively, and the level and intensity of interaction with your voluntary observers different.

Many of you, many have fortunately learned to mentally to his aides, that certainly gives the most conscious process of transformation and creation.

Those of you who have not done so — see mental help and immediately you will hear, or rather understand the answer. You are not alone. Nothing to fear. Be patient and calm. This is just the beginning of change.

Next. Your body is like getting used to the new levels of energy, so your perception of the full remains blocked. When the body adapts, you will have an unusual perception. This has already sent to you once. Do not just see and feel the light and energy flow of the universe and the flow coming from each entity. Individual flashes you are watching, but many attribute it to chance and do not believe. Every time you find a shift of perception, without fear, fix it and try to secure a calm attitude.

That is, if at the time you start to shift the perception of panic, your body and your brain perceives it as a threat, and blocks the perception. And because your will is firm, your perception tolchetsya, figuratively speaking, in the place in the old part and can not find a way out. It is therefore important not to fear anything. Imagine that you are watching a fascinating science fiction films, which of course anything is possible. And you might feel better.

So do not take seriously what is happening. Your seriousness creates rigid perception. That is, if you give something very important, these concepts or events are recorded automatically in your life and resemble a kind of karmic program.

What is a change in perception. Everyone is going on in different ways, but there are similar symptoms. You begin to see and perceive the world differently. Possible short-term loss of the world of forms. For example, you began to see the world as a broken mirror, that is, the broken. This is actually the first step to change perceptions. It is also possible that you will start to see some things around you are not firm and flowing. The world of forms for you to change. True to form still remain, but your perception of their rigid leaves.

In fact, a large number of universes, worlds and their inhabitants have some form. But this rigid fixation forms There's basically only in your reality, in your universe.

Following. You start to hear unusual sounds. It's just a frequency fluctuations of the world that have not been available to your hearing. You, by the way, have already changed their receptor capacity, and many of you are seeing not only the eyes, hears not only the ears. Including, but not yet at full strength, the inner vision and inner ear. You still can not always control it and identify.

You may begin to notice after a loss of reality. That is, you can not remember quickly what was in the previous second. This inclusion of your energy body, but your brain is not able to capture these moments and so the logical chain of events is interrupted by recollections. Learn to be conscious in the process. It's enough just to control every second of your attention to what is happening to you and quietly observe these changes.

Many of you have noticed that the time has changed, you have until instinctively stretch it or speed up. The time line was not moving smoothly, and jumps. This is also the main feature. That is, many of the changes occurring to you are Skachkova character as resonate with the incoming energies of the planet.

Once again: do not be afraid. Of course, many of you are working and have to perform many steps to organize themselves in 3hmernom world.

We want to send you. There are a variety of ways, but they are generally divided into two types.

You can complete the transformation of consciousness quickly and abruptly, but it will require some effort from you. Of course, it is preferable to do this, when a person is largely disconnected from the problems of society. You can go on nature and in collaboration with the elemental nature, which is very soft effect on people, to observe and control the processes of transformation of consciousness in ways that we have listed.

The main method — observation. You have to ignore the perception of reality as a valuation category. Everything has its place. Sit and watch nature. And at some point, your energy body just merge with the perception of the world around you and you will see these beautiful pictures of being, of which did not even know existed.

Of course, much depends on the level of resistance of your rational and your ego. If you are not prepared to merge with the environment, the brain will block this perception.

We have to tell you that this does not mean a complete dying and dissolution of your individuality. This is, in general, almost never happens. Only at its own entity. Otherwise, why would the Creator of the world to give you the ability to customize the perception?

Simply you will learn to feel both a part and the whole. This is a very exciting feeling as belonging to one gives a lot of new things. It's as if you could immediately feel the love of the world and all beings in the universe. No, you will not feel negative emotions, say, the sorrow of all beings in the universe, because the data bank of the universe, as we have already told, come only those levels of experience (it's not really a sense) that provide jolts of movement and development of the universe. But grief does not apply to this category.

Also, you can feel and perceive many levels you previously inaccessible range of perception, which is hard to describe your human terms. Well, that's the stereo in your movies. That is, the perception gets some more features designed.

Another way of understanding the transformation is — gradually. Of course, it is more time-consuming, because the perception is Skachkova without your sort of visible effort. You just do not resist the flow, do not be afraid. Mark all that happens to you, do not block your perception. If this remains to be fully identified in your world and there is a gradual change in your perception. However, in this case, sooner or later there will be some such qualitative changes that will eventually produce Skachkova transformation.

And we are at this stage want to warn you. Some of you are those who are most susceptible to the incoming energy and are not inclined to trust your spirit, and too impressionable, will consider himself crazy and afraid of such things.

Imagine — you know it. A small child sees the world not as adults. He sees the world in fluid, mobile and changeable. He sees the portals to other worlds. He does not classify it. Adults begin to explain it to him and is guided by the rigidity of form perception. So you need to go back and possibly to accept the child. You do not think little kids crazy.

No, you will not lose your voice, believe me, you just do not want to say so would be a qualitatively new perception of the world. Communication through speech becomes available to you, but not interesting way to communicate with the external and internal world, which are one and the same.

And from what we want to warn you. Many of you will observe their own, as they think, inadequate mental reactions to surrounding events. Excessive nervousness, temper, lack of interest or vice versa and indifference to what is happening, as if distancing. Do not worry.

On the one hand you have worked in an accelerated version of the remnants of karmic programs and bond with your ego, on the other hand, this resonance effect on the incoming energy to the planet. So do not berate yourself. Just stop in and watch. Transform negative processes dissipate vibrations. That you quite a force. We want to remind you about one of the senses that you are endowed only on the planet — a sense of humor. Be cheerful! All the fun is yet to come!

Helen, October 17, 2012 at 7:25 pm

Category: Channeling

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