HAARP — Lord of the time?

Many different rumors going around about the project HAARP. It is said that the weapons of the future apocalypse that the installation can control gravity, and yet she subject to space and time! At least so says the great physicist of world size: Dr. Fran Di Aquino …

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At the end of the article you can see it looks like a complex HAARP, in Alaska, with the satellite.

Dr. Fran Di Aquino claims about the ability of a fully functional network of HAARP, activated everywhere, not only to influence the weather and geophysical events, but also to influence the space, gravity … and even just for a while! Now the network has many installations of new features and one of them is almost ready for use at the edge of the world: in the desert, and hostile to the Antarctic. Will the owners of HAARP masters of time?

The most dangerous of the living?

The ruling faction's three largest countries in the world — the U.S., Russia and China may be implicated in the orders for removal of a person, in their opinion, the most dangerous in the world. No, he's not terrible terrorist international scale, or even a mad scientist with a new virus that can destroy humanity.

Perhaps the most dangerous man in the world can be called a Brazilian physicist, Dr. Fran Di Aquino.

Di Aquino did not invent the "death ray" and not procured codes to launch nuclear missiles. The fact that he made a potentially even more dangerous, he released the genie from the bottle of high-tech, which owns one of the greatest mysteries — the present purpose installation HAARP.

HAARP (Research Program aurora high-impact, approx. Mixednews.ru). Network installations it covers the entire world, from one pole to the other. Soon to be launched Antarctic setting.

Di Aquino in his scientific work indicates that the low-frequency, but extremely powerful radiation and caused them to heat the ionosphere can cause earthquakes, typhoons and droughts. And unlike the Wizard of Oz, Wizards HAARP have real possibilities.

The academic work of the physicist with quotes from three dozen other scientific papers points to the other incredible possibilities of the installations.

HAARP can affect the gravity

Most researchers HAARP once suspected her of the ability to cause earthquakes and hurricanes trigger. Confirming these suspicions, labor Di Aquino indicates more.

The use of high-frequency radiation can alter and even control the behavior of gravitational fields — so he says.

According to Di Aquino can be moved or even transport heavy objects using the "gravitational screens." The same unit is capable of even more.

Technology frequency exposure can generate "wrapper gravitational screens. Generation is possible due to the design of a semiconductor with a high polarizability, sandwiched between two plates of metal foil with a layer of insulation between them. Skins gravity screens, you can generate a thickness of only one millimeter. "

Theoretical calculations Di Aquino experimentally confirmed by the experience of another physicist named Stavros Dimitriou of TEI-Athens, the Greek Department of Electrical developments. Stavros successfully demonstrates how the electromagnetic field interacts with gravity.

And yet, the most surprising — Di Aquino said that functioning at full strength HAARP can bend time.

Time dilation — the effect described by the special theory of relativity, Albert Einstein. The space-time is distorted when the velocity of the body having a mass approaches the speed of light.

HAARP can control space and time

Work Di Augustin points to the possibility that the region formed by ultralow field is able to move the body with a mass at a time different to the casual observer. It is created and should work.

As an example, the ocean, and following it through the ship. He explains: "… the ship is made of steel. When exposed to a uniform low-frequency electromagnetic field, because the intensity of a specific frequency and time the vessel moves. Importantly, the field, in addition to what is required to be uniform, must continually manipulate the vessel while moving to the new time interval. In the case of field inhomogeneity different parts of the ship will move to different time periods of the future. In addition to the above-mentioned field must follow along with the ship, structural elements that generate the field, should be within the vessel. People inside the vessel will move to different time periods, because the conductivity and density of their bodies will be different. "

Worthy of note is almost complete similarity of this scenario with like, an eyewitness described the Philadelphia Experiment Carl Ollendom. This event, the U.S. Navy experiment called "Project Rainbow" at the beginning of the 40s of the last century is now often described as fiction, which had no place in reality.

However, those who believe in this story insist that one of the participants of this event on the destroyer "Eldridge" was the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, a genius, who has studied the electromagnetic interaction. The goal was to achieve a stealth ship, but it ended tragically and various parts of the ship were scattered in different parts of space and time.

Some strongly suspected of involvement in the creation of Tesla's many functions HAARP, upgraded and improved in line with the latest scientific achievements of the XXI century.

Why then will use HAARP? For climate wars? As trigger geophysical processes? Manipulate gravity and time? Some even believe that this technology has the potential to influence the mind and lead to madness.

HAARP — satellite view



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