Happy Love congratulate those who sit for the love of Belarus

Five of the Society of the Young meet Valentine's Day behind bars. This is the leader of the "Young Front" Zmitser Dashkevich, his deputies Anastasia Palazhanka and Ales Kirkevich, One of the leaders of the organization of the Minsk Arrange Eremenok and Edouard LOBOV. Congratulations cards protesters gather all political prisoners, said activist Nikolai Demidenko:

"We're going to congratulate all the political prisoners who are in prison. Detained on December 19. We congratulate and Autukhovich. February 8 was two years old he is behind bars. Our Malady, those who are not in the KGB detention center, we also congratulate you on this holiday . But we chose the KGB detention center, because it is now such a symbolic place, there are going to relatives of the detainees held in the "American." Together with them, we will sign these postcards. "

We will express our solidarity with the people who are in prison just for the love of Belarus

The Young decided not to hold a rally this year on Valentine's Day. In the past, tough action to disperse the police, the activists were detained. They decided to focus their efforts on preparing for the Freedom Day and the "Chernobyl Way".

"We're going to come to the KGB, which will just be relatives of political prisoners who will come to pass transfer. Together with them, we want to sign a" valentine "for those who are behind bars. Congratulate them on a holiday, thank you for the love of Belarus. This year, we hold the celebration under one slogan — "I Love Belarus". We will express our solidarity with the people who are in prison just for the love of Belarus ", — said Nikolai Demidenko.

February 12 KGB and police seized a young sculptor's workshop 8 statuettes to the winners of Young Front Award "I Love Belarus". By Demidenko, they had to replace diplomas. Later, the Young plan to re-run these figurines and hand her the winner.

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