Huge creature with demonic eyes

In the British city of Tunbridge Wells, one of the locals faced ape-like creature, moved on two legs. An eyewitness said the bearded animal fur was about three feet tall.

A man who lives in a town in Kent, returned home through the woods when they heard strange sounds: the crackling twigs and someone's noisy wheezing.

He turned and met the gaze of a huge creature, literally mesmerized passers-by.

"I saw a huge beast, standing on its hind legs, three weeks ago, at the edge of the forest. He was taller than 8 feet (2.5 meters), and his body covered with dense hair. But the eyes were the most terrible of the creature — they burned red color. It was just a demonic look. Later beast roared and I awoke and rushed away from the terrible monster "- describes a resident of Tunbridge his meeting with the mysterious inhabitant of the forest.

Back in town, the man told friends about what happened on the outskirts of the forest. But he was not the only witness to a huge ape-like creature: as it turned out, was that the old-timers tell the younger generation.

"Elderly client told me a similar story. Woman said that in 1942 she and her husband were sitting on a bench near the park. Suddenly there was a noise from behind, prompting the spouses turn: they approached something big and hairy, with eyes cast a reddish color. Narrator noticed that this subject was moving in slow motion. A few minutes later the husband and wife woke up from the trance and rushed headlong to vidneyuscheysya away home. Spouses and friends told the police about the meeting with a hairy giant, but did not believe them, people thought it was a joke "- says local painter and decorator.

Found a few more people who have heard the stories of local residents about the appearance of apelike creatures during the Second World War. But since 1945, a mysterious person has disappeared, and the people began to forget the history associated with its occurrence.

A new meeting has led to an increase in vigilance among local people: people are afraid of new visits, hairy creature.

The forum is a discussion of the story in full witness.

"This is one of the most bizarre stories. Did Bigfoot roams the woods near our Tunbridge? Said that it has seen in the same place 70 years ago. Who else encountered this creature? Respond" — refers to the residents of one of the Forum participants.

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