Humanity as a quantum jump

In its evolutionary development of humanity in a tight was over a time period 260 000 Earth years. During this time, the Sun will visit all 12 zodiac signs. Following this event, coming a whole range of anniversaries: a milestone life comes to the constellation of the Pleiades, which includes the solar system. This constellation is here — that will end its stay in orbit around the center of our galaxy, where it was stored for 230000000 million years. But the whole of our galaxy also completes the period of the rotation around the conditional center of the universe.

These three global events will be completed in 2013, which is a new stage of the solar system, when there will be a quantum leap — the phenomenon of cosmic proportions, affecting not only the fate of human beings on our planet, but also the fate of billions of other planets and systems. Our new "sun" will be Sirius. Now we are together with our solar system, flying through space in a spiral-shaped molecule of 12 — helical DNA, actively influencing the 12 energy chakras.

What exactly will happen before 2013? Already begun irreversible shift of the magnetic axis of the Earth on the meridian at an angle 43 degrees toward the south — west, which may result in ice much of the North American continent. There is a direct dependence of the level of consciousness of the degree of displacement of the poles. A pole of the Earth shifted every 12,500 — 13,000 years. This is a very rapid process, which began suddenly, can be completed within one day. In the period of the Earth's surface displacement starts to move at a speed of 3,000 km / h and the speed of the air mass is 2000 km / h. Similar phenomena were accompanied by a transition from the previous races in the four-dimensional space. Have to go through it and us. But this time, along with their inhabitants to a higher plane of existence and will "reason", energy of the planet.

On the physical plane will only holodeyuschee her body. All physical matter under the transforming influence of high frequency energy as it swells from the inside as buds swell before break and dissolve. Hundred-meter high trees to chase the giants because of excess radiation, will be opened, to break away during earthquakes abyss. Start falls mountains and plateaus. All the searing heat will change deadly torrential rains. Highest energy flows will bring down to earth person, and there will be neither stand nor walk, and just lie. It will be a terrible time, but at some point the former protein body starts to decompose before our eyes, and a new form that emerged from — under him, the highest light will shine. Along with the physical world in the light of the fire will burn down and subtle plan of destruction, Astral, sinful humanity accumulated over the past few millennia. In place of the human civilization — the destroyers in the transformation of Mother Earth very soon begin to actively develop new evolutionary level of civilization — the people, the builders, the people — the creators. Anyone, who is internally ready to become more spiritual and lighter, who exists within the range of new vibrations, just a few days, made a rapid leap in its evolyutsii.Ostalnye more or less doomed to suffering, and will continue to the most degraded of animals physical planets of other star systems. So far, everyone wants it or not, is involved in the greatest changes occurring in the higher plane.

The bodies of those who are lucky to be the first representatives of a new sixth race will consist of a matter which has an extensive range of high vibration. Rules meal on the eve of the jump. Already, many are becoming more sensitive, such as ede.Vy not noticed a change of taste? Is not it time, when looking at the product, the type of which is used to drool running down, now, as they say, from the soul the gate? This is a good sign.

There are still refuse meat because meat brings to the body a lot of negative information on the neutralization power consumption, designed to better use — namely, internal development. But even so, to make up for the energy can not do without certain protein. The most suitable option can only be a last resort — poultry, preferably treated to "live" fire, because the fire will neutralize much of negative energy. If you can not give up meat for one day a week of fasting also neutralizes up to 50% of the negative information. Every three months, the full moon, two good four days to opt out of food. Vegatariantsy under no circumstances should be excluded from their diet of peaches and apricots, cucumbers, tomatoes, blackberries and honeysuckle. Most of the greens are rich trace elements and parsley salad. Pepper, onion and garlic will support your cardio — vascular system before increasing the pressure more powerful vibration changes in the Earth's space.

But a diet is not enough. During the life of the low-frequency energy can qualitatively change their level of vibrations under the influence of our own thoughts. That is why it is important to collect and maintain high levels of positive emotions, noble qualities and aspirations. That's why it's so important today true spirituality, as the only panacea for new diseases. Transmutation of the physical shells of those who will in vivo transformation is already underway. The explosion of allergic diseases suggests that these people have digestive system gradually loses its importance. Is self-contained, pre-programmed in allergies activating a set of processing and energy directly from space, and not just through digestion. Many people began to notice that, despite the fact that there are far fewer, why — do not lose weight. Conversely, an increasing number of people regularly get the feeling of unknown status "bloated," swelling of body unusual vagueness of its volumes. In the coming years will undergo great changes the whole energy structure of man: his field (Astral) shell can be separated from the protein by 8 — 10 and be offline for several years. But if you suddenly find yourself in such a capacity, not in a hurry to leave his physical body. In the first place without being able to find rational channels to move and orient in a new space, it may not find its nat. body in — Second, the risk is the same crowd not experienced the other twins.

The new race will finally learn about the origins of humanity. The fact that the etheric body and the energy levels within the field of shells people cosmic creators implanted several so-called "time capsules," which are in fact the seat of galactic memory containing including holographic information about the history of our origins. In some ways, this capsule is the passport of each person as it contains information on the membership of a space race, civilization goal incarnation on the planet. With the approach of a new era is possible, without creating a time machine, to remove this information on their own energy system, the development of the Earth and its history and output for viewing on any device. In the very near future, these capsules are exposed to ever-increasing vibration certain level will spontaneously but is gradually opened. On a physical level, this will be perceived as unfounded headache and the realization suddenly from somewhere incoming information. The new race will be a new science, based on entirely new principles, based on the best knowledge and transphysical new spiritual ethics. As for the body of new people, it will have a much more subtle forms, and the mind is able to talk with many, equal to the level of the inhabitants of other planets. That's why we laid such great opportunities that we do not know what to do.

We — a unique civilization, designed for transformation. But those who fear the coming changes and is ready right now to move to a higher stage of development, need to understand that the new life in the new stage is never a blank page, but it is always a logical continuation of the previous life — he lived everything he wanted, then get .

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