Hunger drove of brown bears in the vicinity of the capital of Chukotka

Management staff for the protection and use of wildlife Chukotka found several brown bears too close to the Anadyr, with one predator who tried to attack people, had to shoot, said on Friday Deputy Director Yegor Vereshchagin.

"The massive presence of brown bears found in the vicinity of the capital of Chukotka within less than 20 kilometers away, which creates a real danger to residents, many of whom are now in the nature for recreation, fishing and mushroom picking," — said the Picture.

According to him, a large number of traces of predators, some of whom are young, making particularly aggressive animals, found in the hills of Dionysius and Michael, as well as rivers and mountains of the First outlier — the favorite leisure facilities townspeople.

"During one of the raids inspector of close encounter with a predator. Bear did not respond to warning shots and rushed to the car, after which he had to shoot," — he added.

He explained that such behavior of animals and the fact that they crowded around the city due to the fact that at this time of year bears are hungry and migrate to sites of fishing.

"In this regard, the Office for the Protection and Use of wildlife made memo containing recommendations for action in the event of a meeting of man and brown predator. And people recommended to refrain from trips to places of discovery bears" — said the Picture.

The brown bear is included in the Red Book to the status of "species that is under threat." According to rough estimates, Russia is home to over 120,000 specimens of this animal. In Chukotka, there are over three thousand brown bears, with the most — in the Anadyr district district.

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