HyTAQ — mini-robot for distant planets

HyTAQ — An amazing device that can fly and rolled virtually any surface. It is possible that this robot may soon go on Saturn's moon Titan.

To date, there are already several conceptual models of various devices for the study of Titan. Some resemble the usual rovers, others are in the form of gliders and even a boat to swim on the surface of Titan's methane lakes. Engineers from the Robotics Lab of Illinois Institute of Technology decided to combine two devices in one. A device called HyTAQ looks like quadrocopter placed in a cage. Cage-wheel robot not only protects from damage, but also allows him to move on a hard surface without interfering with, if necessary, easy to take off and touch the ground.

Taking off from time to time rolling on the surface, the machine uses less energy. Thus he is able to work up to 6 times longer than if he just flew. The hybrid mode is also a factor of 4 increases the distance that he will be able to overcome in the course of the mission. The prototype robot has been created, but it is not known whether the invention representatives interested in NASA or ESA.



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