In Ecuador, began erupting volcano Reventador. Video

Huge clouds of ash observed from the crater of this night one of the most remote volcanoes of Ecuador — Reventador (Reventador), located in the Amazon region of the country.

According to the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic High School, managed to fix via satellite on Thursday almost constant presence of thermal anomalies in the crater of the volcano. It was also reported seen from space intense fire outbreaks in the vicinity of the crater during the whole night. At the same time, there is no data on explosions in the bowels of the mountain, on the convergence of lava flows or some other surface manifestations, stated in the report of the Institute.

Today at 08:15 local time Control Center, volcanic activity (VAAC) in Washington reported emissions intensive columns of ash and gases from the crater of Ecuador's Reventador volcano, height of about two kilometers, with the direction to the north-west.

There are no official details about the seismic activity of this colossus, it is not known and the reasons for the beginning of active gases and ash as volcanic monitoring network of scientific institutions in Ecuador is far away from the volcano, near which there are no human settlements and energy sources, the reason why there are problems with capturing and transmitting data.

Reventador — one of Ecuador's volcanoes, which in the last decade are permanently active, along with the Sangay and Tungurahua.

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