In England, there was a powerful earthquake

In England, there was a powerful earthquake

The strongest in the last 300 years, the earthquake occurred on Thursday in the UK. Quake epicenter was located in the southeast of the country, under the English Channel.

As reported by the British Geological inspectionthe magnitude of the oscillations of the earth's crust reaches 3.9 points. According to witnesses — West Sussex County residents and Portsmouth — about 8:00 am local time, some of the buildings began to vibrate. Fluctuations continued for several seconds.

According to David Kerridge, of the British Geological inspectioncurrent earthquake was the largest in the area since 1734. Then the intensity of tremors reached 4.5 points. One of the last major earthquakes of magnitude 3.6 in the UK occurred in January of this year, in Yorkshire, reports BBC.

Recall that according to the calculations of geologists, the earth is entering a new peak of volcanic activity. The main trouble will occur in 2014-2015, whencan awaken such "peaceful" volcanoes like Mount Fuji Japanese, Indonesian Krakatoa and even European Vesuviusand Etna. Company they will make sure the Nordic and Far volcanoes.

The most pessimistic forecasts, the volcanic ash cloud will cause significant environmental degradation on a global scale, and can even have an impact on the climate, the effect of triggering the "nuclear winter" and leading to new mikrolednikovomu period.

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