In Europe recorded the highest heat

In Europe recorded the highest heatUnusual for this time of heat prevailed in several European countries. Record temperatures were recorded in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

So, in Frankfurt + temperature reached 29 degrees, in Brussels — + 25. The most popular leisure activities for residents of cities have parks and near the fountains. Meteorologists claim — the heat and continue until Easter.

And here in the South of Europe — on the contrary, is cooler than usual in April — about 18 degrees above zero, writes TSN.

At the same time, Australia is suffering from heavy rains: the water level in the river Banzhel Creek rose to 7.5 meters authorities resorted to evacuation.

As a result of precipitation and melting snow in the eastern U.S. rivers burst their banks.

As reported, Emergencies Minister Viktor Baloha said that this spring floods will be much less than in previous years. "This spring, according to our experts, spring floods will be much lower than last year. In the land little water, almost no snow, and the water inflow from abroad is expected to significantly less, "- said the Minister.

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