In Indonesia, the volcano awoke Karangetang

In Indonesia, the volcano awoke Karangetang

SYDNEY, August 8. On the Indonesian island of Siau Karangetang volcano awoke.

According to a representative of the local authorities Tony Supita, pillar of gas and dust is 600 meters About 600 residents living on the slopes of the volcano, immediately evacuated. One person injured, according to ITAR-TASS.

Karangetang altitude 1784 m — one of 129 active volcanoes in Indonesia. Its most powerful eruption was recorded in 2006. Then disaster led to the evacuation of more than four thousand people.

Recall, July 11, due to the increased activity of the Indonesian volcano Lokon were evacuated hundreds of people living on the island of Sulawesi. Growth of volcanic activity on the island is observed on July 9, when released into the air lock of ash column height of 500 meters

Add 3 July in Indonesia volcano eruption Soputan. He threw the ashes into the air and smoke at a distance of 5000 meters. Threat to local residents there, the evacuation was not performed.

In the Indonesian archipelago has dozens of active volcanoes. Here are the major tectonic fault lines known as the "Ring of Fire" between the Pacific and Indian oceans.


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