In Japan, a shower of rain from tadpoles

In Japan, a shower of rain from tadpolesStrange phenomenon documented in several cities in the south.

Dozens of such "precipitation" of the larvae were recorded in June last year.

In the city of Ishikawa Nano, which occurred last mysterious case, hundreds of larvae stuck parked next to the "epicenter" of the machine.

— Tadpoles fell to the ground with a strange sound and stuck to everything — said the 55-year-old witness unusual rain.

Fortunately, this phenomenon was localized and quickly ended. But 48 hours later the same thing happened in another city, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Scientists still can not find an explanation for the mysterious phenomenon. Two years ago in Nano was exactly the same. Then, according to the mayor's office employee, tadpoles could be found in the parking lot in front of the city hall, the front window. Two weeks later, in a nearby town at night the sky fell a few dozen small fish. However, until now there was no witness the fall of the animals — before prefectural residents saw only the consequences of the natural anomalies.

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