In Kaliningrad — an emergency due to flooding

In Kaliningrad - an emergency due to floodingThe spill caused creeks Kaliningrad Railways to cancel a number of freight trains /
In Kaliningrad today, February 6, a regime of emergency municipal character. This was announced at a special meeting of the Emergency Commission, chaired by the head of Kaliningrad Alexander Yaroshuk.

Disaster was made possible by the addition of several weather factors, deep freezing of the soil, which could not absorb the melted water, rapid warming caused by the rapid melting of snow, unusual for this time of year rain shower.

But the main reason that the meeting participants noted — the lack of regular and efficient service channels streams its current balance holder — Neva-Ladoga Basin Water Authority. Last municipal "of Hydraulic Engineering" spent cleaning urban watercourses in 2006, when they belonged to the city. Pposle this new legislation, all the streams and canals that empty into the lake and city Pregolya, transferred to federal ownership.

Since then, Neva-Ladoga Basin Water Management in Kaliningrad work was made and not delegate its powers to the municipality despite numerous appeals by the city authorities. As explained by the director of the MUP "hydrotechnicians" Vladimir Bolshakov, four years in the beds piled up to four feet of sludge, waterworks — inverted siphons, grating, overflow pipes — were clogged debris, which caused the rise of water.

In this livnevka in recent weeks has been under the scrutiny of municipal services and 95 per cent ready to go. However, issues of urban rainwater drainage were under pressure, and sinks are not able to go on tap streams. The situation is aggravated by the fact that part of the urban creeks collect meltwater from the fields surrounding areas.

Starting from the night from Friday to Saturday, after the first signals of flooding, urban services provided bespereboynosuyu down all life support systems. According to reports, the representative of "Water canal", the most serious situation in the sewage pumping station № 6 in the streets of Kiev. There had to be sand embankment and raising reserve pump. Container with water brought up to the house on the street. General Butkova as supply of the house and Kaliningrad Law Institute temporarily halted due to the threat of accidents on waterlogged equipment.

Due to rising water stopped 15 boilers. By midday Sunday, they have earned, but two — on the Walk of Brave and Tikhoretsk impasse. The two boiler room provide warmth six small houses.

The largest of the melt water has made to public transport. At the weekend a number of marginal and low-lying areas were flooded in Kaliningrad, travel and pass on him was difficult, and in some cases — impossible.

Spill water on the street. Kiev did not let go on the line much of electric vehicles. The bus or is replaced by "bus", or directed to a detour of flooded areas. At the same time on one of the above problem areas, towards the village Pregolskogo, due to reconstruction and recovery web access road, bus service in this area is not disrupted, despite the fact that cars get to the village can not. In the area of the village on the orders of Alexander Borisov Yaroshuk directed grader to clear snow from the deserted roads to arrange a detour to bypass the flooded area.

The spill caused creeks Kaliningrad railway cancel a number of freight trains and raise the issue of delivery of the passengers from the station in Kaliningrad Meadow.

Homes were flooded in the streets of Berdyansk, Yalta, Aksakov. Perhaps the development of a similar situation in other parts of the city. Chapter Kaliningrad commissioned a housing fund for maneuvering for resettlement of residents flooded apartments on the first floor, if necessary — to organize the hospital elderly.

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