In Kamchatka had to shoot a bear with cubs

Bear with two cubs had to shoot the hunters near the village of Malka in Kamchatka. Animals live in the base of lumberjacks and threaten people told IA REGNUM regional agency for use of wildlife.

According to experts, were clumsy in the extreme exhaustion. "According to preliminary data, the cubs was approximately 1.5 years. Also before the game wardens went to the area of the village Zaozerniy. There were traces of a bear, and, according to local residents, the predator lifted a cow on one of the farms. Yesterday, because of the blizzard detect Bear did not work, "- said the agency.

This year was a shot off the Kamchatka Peninsula for more than 60 bears that threaten people. But in the near future, this figure can be expected. Scientists do not exclude the so-called rods.

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