In Kiev, the animals are killed by the poison of unknown origin

Kiev authorities are investigating the facts of the death of homeless animals.  Photo: Photo: APKiev authorities are investigating the facts of the death of homeless animals.
Workers CP Center of animal identification and metropolitan police began prompt action to investigate into the death of homeless animals in Solomenskiy Kiev area.

According to the press service of the company, on February 19 volunteers reported to the Center of the death of the animal identification puppies. After the call for volunteers "hot" telephone line 332-12-34 less than an hour arrived at the scene specialists and doctor of veterinary medicine center, which caused the police patrol on duty.

During the examination of the location of the puppies, one was found without signs of life, four others were taken to the city's veterinary clinic on the street. Volyn, 12. Condition of two of them is unstable.

Into the death of a puppy will be conducted toxicological examination to confirm the presence of poison in the body of the animal.

As previously reported by the media, the press attache of the U.S. Embassy James Wolfe sent a statement to the police with his retriever named Arjen poisoned poison stray dogs in Pavlovsk park in Kiev, February 1. Also asked the embassy Kiev city administration understand what happened. Meanwhile, the Kiev authorities said they did not give any orders to spread poison for stray dogs on the streets.

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