In Latvia, hotter than Africa

Photo D.Kienka, archive NovoNewsIn recent days in Latvia reigns unusual for the month of heat. Tuesday, June 7, in Ventspils air warmed to 32 degrees, and the average daily temperature in Latvia was 10 degrees above normal. Meanwhile, across Europe very cool, writes

On Tuesday in Latvia have exceeded the maximum temperature records. The highest temperature was recorded in Ventspils, where the air is warmed up to 32 degrees in Pavilosta maximum temperature was 30.9 degrees, and the air is heated up in Liepaja 30.1 degrees. In addition, the impact will be even hotter — the air can warm up to 33 degrees. Forecasters also predict that in many places in Latvia heat will last until the weekend.

Note that now in Latvia the highest temperatures in Europe, it has surpassed even the hot southern countries — Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. For example, in the Spanish capital Madrid, today only 22 degrees, 17 degrees at all Barcelona, besides the rain, and the resort of Tenerife 22 degrees, but sunny. In Italy, from 20 degrees north to 26 degrees in Sicily, Portugal, on average 17 degrees, while in the central Greece around 27 degrees.

Particularly unpleasant weather in Ireland, where on Wednesday at lunch was only 11 degrees, a bit warmer than in the UK — London 16. Just cool in Paris and Berne, and in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Sweden on Wednesday, the air warms up to 22 degrees.

With Latvia on the air temperature is matched only by the valley of the Dnieper in Ukraine, and the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, where today about 32 degrees, in turn, our neighbors in Lithuania and Belarus about 30 degrees. Above 30 degrees as in Turkey, on the Mediterranean coast, where the Antalya is 34 degrees, and in some parts of Greece. For example, on the island of Corfu in the midday air warmed up to 32 degrees.

In this Wednesday in the northern most part of Russia in the Arctic Circle — Murmansk — is a real heat in 28 degrees! In turn, in Africa — in the north of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya — in the medium temperature was from 20 to 26 degrees.

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