In Minsk, the smallest owl spotted in Europe

Winter — the best time for bird watching. At this time, closer to the people in the city not only fly small songbirds, but also the rare representatives of the feathered world — owls. But only the most interested and obsessed nature lovers may be lucky to see the unusual fauna and the City.

It tells the JSA activist Andrei Nesterov, in search of rare for Minsk ducks, herons, kingfisher or some other interesting photographic subject, he checked the open areas of water along the Svisloch. Particularly interested in the small bird sychinogo warehouse. Pozyvki include owls (in Belarus there are three types), which have been recorded on a mobile phone, according to the reaction and responses birds, it became clear that this pygmy owl!

Pygmy owl is one of the most wonderful owls Belarus. It is the smallest owl preys on small rodents and small birds. In winter, in the hollows of trees can make stocks of recovered mice, voles and birds.

According to the expert of owls, the Zoological Museum of biological faculty of BSU Gennady Mindlin, pygmy owl can confidently attack even the birds themselves are larger in size. Owl found in the pantry birds such as spotted woodpecker and the blackbird. This is one of the most successful and effective hunters of owls. Near the pygmy owl nests can boldly attack a threat predator of all sizes.

It is not often you see this owl the size of a starling in a big city. Congratulations to Andrew Nesterov interesting finding and we wish all nature lovers unforgettable meetings with amazing feathered inhabitants of our nature!

Photo: Andrew Nesterov

For more details about the meeting sparrow owl — Online APB.

Next week, APB will announce the results of winter bird censuses and other interesting birds meetings in different parts of the country.

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