In Primorye rare Daurian Crane stoned

Rare White-naped Crane was the victim of man Photo: Ksenia VORONEZHTSEVAUnusual patient was taken the other day at one of the veterinary clinics Vladivostok. Zoozaschitniki brought to the reception of a rare Daurian Crane, listed in the Red Book.

The bird was severely damaged left leg. Reputed doctors, someone might have thrown a stone or a stick crane. Poor bird found in the reserve "Cedar Pad".

— In this state, the bird could at any moment become the prey of predators or poachers — tell staff special inspection "Tiger" — It was decided to try to cure and rehabilitate the bird.

Crane suffered a serious operation: under anesthesia he inserted the needle in the leg. A day later the crane was moved to rehabilitation in Safari Park Shkotovo area where it is hoped veterinarians and ecologists, with proper care it can recover and may subsequently return to the wild.

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