In Svetlahorsk woman beat of the four police officers

In Svetlahorsk entrepreneur Lily Lagutin judged for what she allegedly beaten by local police officers. Criminal case against women filed under Articles 363 and 364 — the resistance of police and violence against them. The maximum penalty for the last of the articles — 6 years imprisonment.

How to tell the defendant, in the fall of 2009 she defended her husband — he was detained by the police. Waved a bag that fell behind.

"One of the officers of the department — says Lily — so twisted my arm behind my back that I myself have not been able to get it back. Doctors pronounced him not only dislocated, but also a fracture. It took a difficult operation. "

After treatment, the woman wrote to the prosecutor that the police officer held accountable for such violence. However, the opposite happened. The criminal case was instituted against the applicant itself.

It is expected that the verdict on the case will be submitted Svetlagorsk District Court February 16.


Police, Crime

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