In Sweden, the pink snow fell

In Sweden, the pink snow fellIn the capital of Sweden, there was an unusual phenomenon — pink snow. In this regard, there was even declared anxiety because of the risk of poisoning. It was forbidden to touch and taste the unusual snow as it was suspected that it may contain dangerous substances.

But later in the administration of a phone call from Stockholm club skiers Hash House Harrier and explained what really happened. The fact is that especially for the upcoming ski race organizers designated ski trail with a stifling powder pink. Then the wind picked up and the snow in the air in pink again he fell to the ground. After this explanation, the alert was canceled.

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The Stavropol Territory pink snow fell, reported News. Ru.

Greatest concern is the situation in Stavropol and Kochubeevskoe area edge. Rospotrebnadzor experts selected the snow in different areas of the province and sent it to chemical analysis. Analysis and cause of the anomalous snow will be announced on Wednesday.

"According to preliminary information, the reason for changing the color of snow — emissions. However, they can occur not only in the region but also outside it," — said the agency "Interfax-South" deputy head of the regional Rospotrebnadzor Olga Balaban. She noted that the information "on the military air emissions" in the department have been reported.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Natural Resources Region said they also took snow samples and investigate its chemical composition.

In turn, head of the Environmental Protection Department JSC "Nevinnomyssk nitrogen" Lyudmila Trigubova told the news agency that the company recently had no accidents. "Dust of fertilizers, which makes enterprise — white. Therefore, even in case of an accident, they could not be painted in pink or precipitation apricot" — added Trigubova.

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