In the area of Taman peninsula rose seabed


The plot of the seabed up to the surface in the area of the Taman Peninsula. New earth appeared because of the shift of tectonic plit.Udivitelnoe natural phenomenon was observed in the last few days. Huge layers of clay and stone rose by about 5 meters above the Sea of Azov in the Temryuk district of Krasnodar region, forming a peninsula.

Scientists suggest that the cause of the "new earth" were awakened mud volcanoes, and seismologists have carefully calculate the probability of earthquakes, arguing that the population there is no reason to panic.

A huge strip of land length 800 and a width of 50 meters literally grew up in the same place where just a week ago, lapped the Sea of Azov.

Thus, the area of Russia increased by 4 hectares of time.

Discovery made by local residents, who immediately called the SSC FGUGP "Yuzhmorgeologiya" and tell geologists about the new land.

— We really have recorded the appearance of a new education — told Life News Specialist "Yuzhmorgeologiya" Paul Alekseenko. — It's safe to say that in a few days the bottom has risen to 5 meters above sea level. "Land" is a solid mixture of clay, rocks, tectonic formations, all marine debris. Nothing like this in Taman never happened!

While scientists are at a loss and build a variety of hypotheses.

Seismologists believe that under the influence of yet unknown force tectonic plates began to converge and squeeze out a layer of clay. Pressure, which could be set in motion a volume of soil, according to conservative estimates, was equal to 24 million tons.

However, it remains unclear why such a powerful underground processes were not recorded special equipment, the leading continuous monitoring of the movement of the earth's crust.

— Usually tectonic disturbances are accompanied by increase the level of radon — told Life News chief seismogeodynamic monitoring "Yuzhmorgeologiya" Vladimir Fomenko. — However, in this case, the radon is correct. Therefore, we can not say for sure what had happened.

Currently, researchers are closely watching for any changes in the readings of the instruments and continue to search for the answer to the question of what caused the seabed to the surface.

Irina Desyatnichenko


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