In the county of Pembrokeshire thousands of sharks

In the county of Pembrokeshire thousands of sharks

In the photo below the lucky angler Wayne Little poses with the trophy of honor, 78-pound blue shark. Usual picture of the Adriatic or Aegean Sea, but this shark was caught near the town of Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire County (UK). And there are many sharks now there are hundreds, if not thousands.

Experts believe that the shark swam here in the warm current that is guilty and unusually warm weather, was already a month in the British Isles. Now where the average temperature does not drop below 33 degrees Celsius.

Blue shark, or a large blue shark or mokoy proved to be quite successful for the bait to be caught for the bait of mackerel. Shark photographed below, however, is not the first blue caught near the UK. The first was two times smaller and was captured two months earlier.

Because of the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, Pembrokeshire was named the best place for shark fishing. From the words of experts in waters about 20 miles from the coast may live hundreds of herring and blue sharks. Blue shark can grow up to 4 meters and is known for attacks on people.

Wayne Little said that when caught his shark, she long struggled against the bottom of the boat, revealing toothy jaws. It was only when she finally calmed down, he was able to pick it up and take a picture with your partner about.

"In recent years, the ocean here is very much warmed up — Little said — and as a result, we get around these creatures. Maybe their thousands around here a whole, only 20 miles from the South Wales".

Sharks, including herring and previously happened that swim alone or in a small amount of water in the UK. In 1993 he was caught by the largest recorded in the statistics of captured sharks in coastal waters-230 pound porbeagle.

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