In the debate in the United States invaded UFO

In the presidential debates in the United States invading UFOs

In the presidential debates in the United States invading UFOs, one of the presidential candidates of the Democrats Dennis Kucinich says he saw a UFO, and the second — Bill Richardskon — requires the government to tell the whole truth about the UFO crash in Roswell.

Kucinich adds spice to the statement that one of these days, he questioned the mental health of President George W. Bush after the last comment about the third world war.

Also in September, Kucinich spokesman denied reports from Washington conference that the congressman from Ohio met with one of the unidentified flying objects. "If you have a serious question, just ask me — instructed Washington Post reporter Natalie Laber employee Kucinich after a reporter asked an acquaintance Kucinich UFO. — If not, leave your stupid comments to yourself. "

However, the course of recent debates drove into a stupor even debate moderator Tim Russert. He asked a direct question about UFOs and received an unexpected response, writes Los Angeles Times. (Full text online

"Godmother of your daughter, Shirley MacLaine, writes in her new book that you've seen a UFO over her home in Washington state that the meeting seemed to you is extremely exciting, and it was a triangular craft that hovered silently in the air, and what's inside you feel some connection with him and heard the command in the brain. So, have you seen a UFO? "

"Yes," — said Kucinich.

Kucinich did not cover in detail on this subject. He joked that he will take his campaign headquarters in Roswell, New Mexico, in a place where there is the most famous alleged UFO crash. That's why, in fact, the debate was vtravlennym second presidential candidate, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardskon.

When Chris Matthews in an interview on MSNBC, followed the debate, Richardson asked what he thought about the answer to a question about the Kucinich UFO Richardson smiled, giggled and explained that, as governor of the state, which depends on U.S. tourists who beckon UFO, it is not Kucinich is going to criticize. (Though, he hastened to add, he himself has never seen a UFO.) He also said it was time the government "to tell the whole truth" about what happened at Roswell.

Matthews in disbelief began to mutter something, but as it happens, in this thread Richardson felt like a fish in water. Richardson has said many times that the mystery surrounding the alleged crash at Roswell in 1947, never been adequately explained. "It's clear — he wrote in the preface to a book about the crash, which was published in 2004 — all would benefit if the U.S. government to make public all that he knew."

Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reinga seen UFOs

Kucinich — are not eager to become the first president of the person who has seen a UFO.

According to numerous reports in the media, when Jimmy Carter was governor of Georgia in 1973, he filed a report with the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma, in which he said that he saw an unidentified shining object four years earlier in Leary, Georgia. He later said he did not think it was an alien craft, and some of ufology, as they call themselves experts of this profile, it is believed that he saw a halo around the planet Venus.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan believed that he had seen a UFO, at least twice — once on the coast, when he went to Hollywood with his wife, Nancy, and a second time as governor of California, near Bakersfield when flying on an airplane. In 1998 the book about Ronald Reagan («Landslide») journalists Doyle McManus, the head of the Washington bureau of The Times, and Jane Mayer, now working for the magazine The New Yorker, wrote that Reagan's staff made considerable efforts to ensure that the certificate of meetings Reagan UFO kept secret.

And it is easy to understand, because, as noted by Alejandro Rojas, in charge of public relations in the Mutual UFO Network, «this question usually used to make politicians look bad." But, he added Rojas, whose organization studies the cases of encounters with UFOs, as well as reports of alien abductions, he was glad that this issue has surfaced in the presidential debates. "This is great, because that debate have focused on it."

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