In the east of Indonesia due to the eruption of a volcano closed airports

Gamalama volcano eruption in Indonesia's North Maluku province on Monday led to the closure of the airport in the town of Ternate. This was reported by the Indonesian daily newspaper Jakarta Globe.
At the moment, no reports of casualties and possible evacuation of the population has been reported. The eruption of the volcano, about 30 kilometers from where the airport is located, occurred on Sunday evening. Streets nearby settlements were covered by a thick layer of volcanic ash. Gamalama last erupted in 2003: then Tumult not result in casualties.
Total in Indonesia, with over five hundred fire mountains, of which 129 are considered active. Because of the many volcanoes are on islands, geologists call this instability of the earth's crust "Pacific line of fire." It runs through the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia, the Philippines, Hawaii (USA), the east coast of North America and Japan. The highest is the Agung volcano (3142 m) — the highest point of the island of Bali, the ITAR-TASS

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