In the Far East, sleeps veiled threat

At the bottom is not so smooth as it seemsVladimir G. Sakhno, Chief Scientific Officer of the Far Eastern Geological Institute, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told what natural disasters can trap Primorye.

Almost his entire life has been studying Vladimir Sakhno volcanoes. He has traveled halfway around the world, studying the most complex volcanoes and believes this activity is especially useful. Both for society and for the economy.

Apart from the danger, volcanoes may still offer benefits. Iceland, Mexico, Italy, they all use the volcanoes as a source of heat. For example, in Iceland, 90% of the heat produces geothermal station. The same station was on the Kamchatka Peninsula, but in the 90 years it has ceased to exist.

But in addition to the heat, volcanoes erupt, and more — this is the main danger. In Primorye are many volcanoes, and they erupted, but it was millions of years ago, today they are all healed and not jeopardize the edge.

Although the last case of aftershocks were recorded in the 50s in Hankey, then the power of tremors was 4 points. But these global shocks that rocked Japan, we can not be, said the scientist, but can not give an absolute guarantee, volcanoes are unpredictable.

The nearest, an active volcano to the Maritime Territory is 200 km, is the Chinese Changbai volcano. His story Vladimir G. studied thoroughly.

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