In the human bones found something that can cure infertility and diabetes

© / Jill A.  Brown / cc-byBones not only constitute the "skeleton" of the human body, but also play the role of the glands. They produce the hormone osteocalcin affects the organs and acts as a catalyst in the treatment of diabetes and infertility, according to news agency ANSA.

Biologists from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and the University "Campus Biomedica" proved that this hormone serves as a "language" in which "talk" different bodies in the first place — the bones and the endocrine system. Osteocalcin also plays a role in energy metabolism and the production of sex hormones. This allowed the scientists to conclude that the ability to heal, such as diabetes, by doing hormone therapy.

In addition, experiments were conducted once again shown the benefits of physical activity. "The bones during exercise did produce more osteocalcin, contributing to the development of insulin as well as improving metabolism," — commented the results of the study one of the scientists, Andrea Lenzi.

Earlier this year, similar results were achieved by U.S. researchers.

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