In the Moscow region quarantined for rabies

In Chekhov district Moscow declared a quarantine on Rabies due to a sharp increase in the number of cases of animal disease. It is reported by the Government of Moscow Region.

Quarantine is set in the village Mesherskoye, village Prokhorovo, Chekhov-2 and Lyubuchany village. In those settlements ban the holding of exhibitions of dogs and cats, their export outside the quarantine area, petty trade.

Similar bans are also introduced within the following settlements included in the threatened area on rabies animals town of Chekhov, villages Antropov Botvinino, Zykeevo, Ivin, Nikonov, Prokhorov Tomarovo, Alachkovo, Gavrikovo, Dmitrovka Leoniha, Sharapova, the village of Trinity, working Stolbovaya settlement. Restrictive measures will be in effect until a formal decision to terminate them.

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